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The Ugliest Funko Pop! Vol 2: Turn off the silver screen

A month passed by very quickly. It’s high time to continue what was left off. After a very welcomed part one, it is high time to produce another bunch of Funko Pop! ugliness. So without further delay – let’s go! (If you haven’t seen part 1, everything written there applies to the whole series, so please check!)


1. Alan and Carlos – Hangover

I am very much aware, it doesn’t look a bit as bad as most I’m sharing here. I am aware of this. The thing I’m concerned about is actually little Carlos. Look in his deep black eyes. They want a sacrifice in blood. Look at his huge fists on these tiny and lengthy arms. They want to make the sacrifice out of your face. Be careful out there. You’ll never know.


2. Bad Ape – War of the Planet of the Apes

The resemblance is uncanny! All the details are on the Pop but then… It seems more and more creepy the longer you’re looking at him. It seems like Funko tried to make his head look… smaller? His body is quite big for a Pop from 2017 and comparing to the on-screen version. And then we get all these wrinkles which even though accurate, doesn’t give the figurine any good looks. And… Am I the only one who thinks that hair on his head looks like worms?!


3. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle… Maybe not this time, shall we? I’d rather avoid summoning the Pop! that kills my favourite Keaton’s role. Tim Burton’s imaginary over Beetlejuice is more unnatural and plastic than necessary. In the 80s not many CGIs were available but Burton made his film look even more cringy (of sorts) with the masks, ghosts and such. But I don’t believe he intended the title character being such himself in his future version of the Funko Pop! Head longer than usual and very symbolic painting don’t give Beetlejuice any justice.


4. Wizard of Oz

Timeless classic. I’m assuming it is the oldest work of culture that came by Funko (correct me if I’m wrong). The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939 and it seems that Funko went back in time to make their figurines, too. These Pop!s are not only the “older version” but also “creepier version”. The lion looks like a mouse with a beard and his posture is crooked. The witch on the other hand… Has barely anything to do with actual Glinda. They could at least make her hair more curly (even though it isn’t a marvellous idea looking at the Lion). Well, the beginnings are tough and Funko is no exception.

For the record. The lion graphic on the box is my favourite.


5. Minions

Who doesn’t love these small, yellow creatures these days?! Yes, me. Or at least not in the Pop! form. Despicable Me stole hearts of children and adults immediately. The hype went to the moon and back and Minions lived to see their own film made up. Now there’re four films and a lot more of minions to see, but the ugliest ones are ones that opened the door to the rest. Meet Carl and Dave. Carl’s eye may be creeping out in the dark, but when you double it and put together Dave is creeping even more. The sole shape of the Pop!s is okay, but eyes look terrible nonetheless. Confession? Once upon a time, I bought Carl and he’s in my boyfriend’s family house.


6. Fifth Element

This 90’s classic is not so guilty pleasure of every science fiction fan. It is comedic and ironic so nobody actually has anything against Ruby Rhod’s crazy appearance and an alien singer that looks like a humanoid fish tank. But Funko designers definitely had their own idea in mind. Most of the Pop!s look fine considering the early times of figurines but there’s one that makes my head blow. Diva Plavalaguna was weird but BEARABLY strange. Funko decided to make her unbearable.


7. Doghan Daguis – Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets

You know Chase figurines, eh? The ones highly valuable, usually one out of six, a different variant of the character? Let’s welcome the least valuable in the history of Funko Pop! making.

Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets, being by the same director as the one above, shown us yet another bunch of very creative aliens in so many species, you won’t be able to count. It was a flop, sadly, because the story and terribly written romance made the film unwatchable. Nonetheless, I have to admit that the visuals and creativity were on their highest levels. And since Luc Besson was highly sure of his new production, the deal with Funko was obvious. And what happened? Out of all these aliens we got only TWO species made. And they weren’t Funko’s pride and joy.

Doghan Daguis wasn’t very pleasant species for the eye at the first place. Looking like pterodactyls with hair problems and having a pissing off personality, they only appeared as figurines because they had a pretty unnecessary but important situation with main characters. Their Pop!s sadly became even uglier than the original, having a wider and shorter beak and creepy eye. Moreover, this is only one figurine I’m acknowledged of that actually has TWO chase variants. Well, they had to do something to contain three of them, aye? Well, I don’t think so.


8. Doomsday – Batman v Superman

Erm… I don’t even know what to say about this. For the record, I hated the film. I hated Doomsday design there, so I’m not sure I’m entitled to say anything about Funko redesigning it. I don’t see the resemblance, I just enjoy his lovely yellow teeth. Let’s just leave it without further comment.


9. Gollum – The Hobbit

Gollum may be the trickiest character to actually make Pop! of. This peculiar appearance in both Peter Jackson trilogies makes him an icon unable to transfer into any other shape. Huge ears on a very round head, only 10 hair on his bald head, huge and narrow legs and arms… That’s only some features that make Gollum one of a kind. Funko did try their best. Both in old The Hobbit version and 2018’s LOTR one. Both are OKAY but they don’t give justice to our dear Smeagol. They decided to choose some of his features and skip on other to keep Pop style and try their best to keep the character’s similarities.


10. V – V for Vendetta

I don’t care, I LOVE this film. Alan Moore’s original, too. But I’ll never love this nightmare of a Pop. This was still the time when Funko constrained Pop!s eyes to be round. So all the not-circle eyes got the same treatment in sculpture but different in painting. Another problem is that V’s mask lost its iconic shape because the head had to be rectangular. I may agree to this if the top of the head was simply WIDER than the bottom. And the hat – more like what we had in the film. In here, the only thing coming to my mind is stoned V is going to start a revolution!


BONUS – Donald Trump

This list bonus is the world’s favourite president. Just for the record that his Pop! actually exists. It’s actually not that bad but I think actual Trump is way heavier. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders exist, too!

Donald Trump Funko Pop USA pressident of United States


Also, I want to thank everyone for raising my post so high on Google Search! Every click counts and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it!

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No Pop was hurt while making this list.

The images used were collected from Stashpedia, IMDb and Google Images.






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