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The Ugliest Funko Pop! Vol 1: Imaginary friends

You may know that Funko had their ups and downs throughout their most popular line production. Their figurines weren’t always amazing or cute. It was a time when most of the figurines looked quite the same which wasn’t much fitting for most of them.

It has changed when the production moved to Vietnam and the quality went up but there still are some pearls which are simply ugly. I want to invite you to my personal list of the ugliest Funko Pop!s I could find. It’s not the definitive list and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it. As the first part of this series, I present you the characters out of imagination. Cartoons, animations, comics and games, all of those that don’t belong anywhere else. Enjoy!

Sidenote: I am aware some of them are terribly pricey and rare. It does not change its appearance. I still don’t understand why people want them, but well, I don’t have to. 😉


1. Beavis and Butthead – the personal favourite

These are not like the other Pops! They are my personal top of the worst ever Funko Pop!s. Sure, it was definitely tricky to make something out of the cartoon but then these are far from their original appearances.


2. Regular Show

This one is a semi-classic by Cartoon Network and definitely a very strange one. Mordecai and Rigby were always very special in looks and Funko, unfortunately, didn’t give them justice.


3. Sonic The Hedgehog

Recently Funko decided to make a remake of the series, and I am very glad they did. The ones I’m showing were made in 2013 and their foreheads are huge-hog. Sonic looks like he was very angry with you. And Knuckles… Well, to me he has something from the recent meme.


4. [Un]lucky there’s Family Guy

Characters from Family Guy have a very special design of a certain shape. As of Brian being more or less in a rectangular one, Funko did quite all right. Sadly, Peter is being more of a circle and Stewie – an ellipse, and it is not a pleasant match. Funko tried to make their heads as usual and include their famous features at the same time. The result got quite awkward and so both of them are really untrue to the originals. Stewie got his head completely remade and Peter is, well, a very complicated one.


5. Futurama

Still here? Because it’s a halfway for today. Good. Futurama is already 5 years after its final season but there’re still some fans out there. Sadly, not enough to get the new line. This one is at least disappointing. Fry’s nose is quite awkward in length and Leela is yet another victim of Funko mixing up circle-like features with their edgy trademark.


6. Spongebob

Recently Spongebob and Patrick got the new Christmas ones but we’re still missing new Mr Krabs and Squidward. The presented ones are quite pricey and well, I don’t get it. I love this cartoon but I’m not getting these. Ever. Mr Krabs fancy legs looking like bricks and eyes looking like some sort of lightbulbs. Squidward is just… nope. He needs a better head design. And he could be thinner.


7. Mr Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street

I never actually watched Sesame Street so maybe it’s just me. When I found this Pop I considered it one of the worst I’ve seen but then… I’ve checked how this creature looks like “in reality”. And I believe Funko did a kindness for it.


8. Toothless – How To Train Your Dragon

I know people who find Toothless cute in this version but I’m crept out by him. The wide spacing between his eyes, very pastel colours and the high forehead design… Come on, there’s nothing Toothless about him. The body may be okay but the more I look at him, the more I feel there’s something wrong with his paws.


9. PacMan

I still don’t understand why we needed these ones. Ghosts are pretty fine with me, but then Pac Man as a humanoid creature is creepy. If it wasn’t enough, they decided to make a lady to keep him company. And that is just… devastating. I fear what else people will invent.


10. Killer Croc

Okay, the last on this list. Killer Croc received his film version from Suicide Squad that looks more human-like. This one is based on Batman: Arkham Asylum game and even though Funko did try their best to make it similar to the game prototype… They didn’t quite succeed. Say nothing of the marvellous mouth of teeth, the lazy colouring and even lazier skull design, make this Pop a sad copy.


BONUS – Domo

Domo used to be what Gudetama is now. He appeared on Japan TV as a short animation between programmes and fast became an icon. There used to be everything with Domo on it. For everyone who doesn’t know about it – Domo also received his own Funko Pop line. The line includes Domo as DC superheroes and characters from Ghostbusters. I’m telling you, you need one in your collection. (No, you don’t).


EXTRA BONUS – The Sunflower

Have you played in Plants vs Zombies? This may not be a bad Pop, I’m just surprised it actually exists. Anyway, you can have your own Sunflower from the game. If you ever wanted one.


No Pop was hurt while making this list.

The images used were collected from Stashpedia, IMDb and Google Images.






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  1. Sally Silverscreen avatar

    Great list, Lisa! My favorites from your list are Snuffy from Sesame Street, Domo, and The Sunflower. Looking forward to seeing which other Funko Pop! figurines are chosen for this series!

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