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Po całkiem pozytywnym przyjęciu mojego poprzedniego posta pomocowego, postanowiłam pociągnąć go dalej. Tym razem biorę pod lupę Popcultcha, które na pewno obiło się Wam o uszy.

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Funko Pop! Beginners Guide

Bloglovin test Recent boom for the Funko’s huge-headed figurines is shockingly huge. For a Pop collector who is aware of them for more than three years, mind me. My friend asked me a couple of days ago how to start collecting and what all that means. I wanted to write a post about it a…

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Giveaway Time!: Winners

Hello hello and happy Easter! After two weeks the winners of my little giveaway shall be revealed, are you ready? I am very glad that so many people attended my small giveaway. It was so much fun for me to note all the people who wanted to check out my sites and join me in…

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