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  • Funko Pop Customs: Painting (Part 2)

    Funko Pop Customs: Painting (Part 2)

    After a very warm response to my first Funko Customs post, I decided to give the subject a larger input. This was already planned as an ongoing series so I will write my tips as I dive deeper into customizing Funko Pops.

  • Funko Pop Customs: First Steps (Part 1)

    Funko Pop Customs: First Steps (Part 1)

    The number of Funko Pop figurines is growing every day. Some Pops appear, some disappear, become vaulted and suddenly the price rises so high it’s hard to follow. Funko acquires more and more licenses, new, exciting figurines flood the market but there’s still nothing about this old-school movie you loved as a child? Maybe your…

  • Funko Pop! Stickers Library

    Funko Pop! Stickers Library

    If you entered this page it means that you need some help with sticker business on Funko Pops. What do they mean? Why are there so many? What’s the difference between Pops if the sticker is different? Worry no more, I’m here to help you out!