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After all these years we’re finally here. Infinity War is upon us and I’m literally concerned about anyone who is disappointed after this film.

This is the one there’s actually no way of watching it without some knowledge. Infinity War before any previous MCU films is kind of like watching series finale without the rest of the season. It is specifically done for the fans and no one actually made you think any other way. And yes, that includes Black Panther so at least get to know major characters to understand their motives… Oh and there’s a link to its ending so decide for yourself if you want to do it to yourself. Obviously, if you want to see it only to have it done, it’s not necessary. However, it took 10 years to make an introduction to all the characters so they didn’t need to do it in Infinity War. So it’s your choice.

From my point of view, Russo brothers outdid themselves. I can picture the challenges they faced while writing and deciding upon the script. It has plenty of sense and what is best for me, they not only were able to connect all the characters but also their styles and themes of their own films. It was the sort of balancing I was worried wouldn’t have appeared. Luckily, I was wrong and there’s this giant ball of stuff where everything fits. And to be honest, not only fits but also remains in style and unique personality of each loved hero, villain and so on.

Infinity War was nothing that I’d expected. I tried to have no expectations but I did watch the trailers and I can agree they spoil a few minor things. It did not leave me with any sour taste in my mouth but the less you know, the better. This is the core of the film, surprise. So do not enter the social media or any other possible source of spoilers, just go see it as soon as you possibly can.

About the screening itself… The most concerning to me was actually the reactions of people. Talking while watching, even just small words, gave me that kick back to reality where I did not want to be at the time of watching that film. I wanted to be there in the Universe 616, where everyone was finally meeting with each other.

No more for now. Just go and watch. I cannot say anything more without spoiling anything. It’s too beautiful of the story.

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  1. Great perspective, Lisa! I do agree with you about the different styles and themes being incorporated into this film. It seemed effortlessly woven in with the rest of the film and not at all overshadowed or diminished. I also reviewed Avengers: Infinity War, so check it out if you get the chance!

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