SDCC 2019: The Masterpost

San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest pop-cultural event on the planet Earth and so it is a duty of each geek to get out from it as much as possible. Sadly, only a small percentage of us have the privilege to attend it and the rest of us have to feed on scraps found here and there on the Internet (God bless you, Internet!).

This year was whatnot filled with all kinds of announcements. Each day was more and more exciting, full of new trailers, photos and surprises. It is hard to keep up with all of them so I decided to get them all in one place. Obviously, I cover only a piece of what this blog is about. Films, shows, some comics, Funko Pops… I hope it’s more than enough.

So enjoy the quick review of SDCC. I scattered the web and this is what I got. I hope you’ll leave here with way more information than you wanted.

IT Chapter 2

I’m already thrilled to see it. OMG.


It Chapter 2 poster 2019


A new Star Trek instalment starring Patrick Stewart himself will be streaming on CBS and available on Netflix at the end of the year, it seems.

Trailer | Panel

Westworld S3

I am not entirely sure if anyone awaits for the next season, but I sure do. The trailer gives the vibes of the new futuristic world, some Nazi park (I believe) and a lot of characters back. I am quite excited what the ‘real’ world looks like in the show and what Aaron Paul has to offer. Apparently, his character will have a big impact on Dolores and her actions through the season.


Westworld Season 3 first look - SDCC 2019

The Dark Crystal

The cast is magnificent if you ask me. But then that kind of animation creeps me out.

If you don’t know – this is a prequel series for a film from 1982.

Hear me out, let’s list the voice cast: Caitriona Balfe, Helena Bohnan-Carter, Natalie Dormer, Taron Egerton, Mark Hamill, Lena Headey, Eddie Izzard, Theo James, Toby Jones, Simon Pegg, Andy Samberg, Anya Taylor-Joy, Alicia Vikander, Sigourney Weaver, Benedict Wong, Mark Strong. And these are the famous people I easily recognize by name and didn’t need to check out. There’re plenty more.

The first ep was screened at the panel. The show was 5 years in development so I guess it’s high time to watch the original.

Trailer | Panel

Taron Egerton and Mark Hamill @ SDCC 2019

Terminator: The Dark Fate

Cameron’s take on Terminator’s never-ending story. I am still stuck at the 1st one but this is a tale for another time.

John Connor is going to appear though.

Panel | Featurette

The Witcher

I guess this is already everywhere. But then the trailer looks really good (for a person who didn’t read nor play). And as I said on Fb page – if there wasn’t so much of the pressure it would be a really fun series. But there is so we shall see.

Trailer | Panel

His Dark Materials

I can’t wait for this. I prayed for a good adaptation of the books ever since the film released. This looks very promising. Lin Manuel Miranda seems to be 100% into this and it excites me very much. I do hope it works out and maybe they give us more than just the first book. Fingers crossed.

Trailer | Panel

Lin-Manuel Miranda and James McAvoy at SDCC 2019


Is anybody even excited about it anymore? Does Arrowverse actually mean something? Because I decided to end my journey with them a very long time ago.

Supergirl Trailer

Arrow Trailer

Flash Trailer

Batwoman and Pennyworth (yes, a story about young Alfred) premiered at SDCC, too. Discussion

There’s also Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover with Brandon Routh as Superman included.


Doom Patrol got renewed for season 2.

Titans S2 will premiere on 6th September on DC Universe (probably on Netflix later).

Harley Quinn animated series for adults also will appear on DC Universe. Trailer

Rick and Morty

I don’t know, I ain’t watching. Here’s the panel.

But Taika Waititi was cast. Epic. And it will have 10 eps.

S4 First Look

Game of Thrones

It was “we still gotta keep saying that the final season was amazing anyway”. Writers/creators didn’t show up. It was all just putting actors in this awkward position of answering questions they shouldn’t have to. But obviously they did. And apparently Nikolaj Coster-Waldau got boo-ed because of his geniuine Jamie related opinion (about Lannister twins death). I completely lost any sort of respect to this show’s creators. Seriously. After the backlash they should have at least give SOMETHING to the fans.


Game of Thrones cast at SDCC 2019


They used Life on Mars in the trailer. I am triggered.

Okay, okay, it seems HBO takes a completely different approach to Watchmen and I am both interested and afraid about it.


Top Gun

This trailer shows nothing. It gives us some Tom Cruise and planes and that’s basically it. Will it be great? I hope so. For all the fans’ sakes.

Tom’s character is a flight instructor now. Other significant cast members would be Jennifer Connely, Miles Teller and Ed Harris. Directed by Joe Kosinski, known from Oblivion (also with Tom Cruise). The film is moved to 2020.

Seems like Cruise feels personally responsible for the delivery of the sequel so I hope it’ll work.


Top Gun Maverick Poster - SDCC 2019


The amount of memes about this one is too great to say anything else.


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes - SDCC 2019

The Walking Dead

Danai Gurrira (Michonne) is leaving TWD this season.

Fear of The Walking Dead got renewed.

There will be a TWD film with Rick Grimes.

Film teaser

21 Bridges

You’re defo asking whaaat? So did I. Cop film with our king of Wakanda and JK Simmons. Looks cool. Produced by Russo brothers. Marvel crew basically.


Carnival Row

First info about this got me pretty excited because it’s been a while since the actual magical creatures (not counting Wizarding World). But this trailer is super awkward and it seems it will be a complete cliche. Still gonna check it out.


Cara Delevigne and Orlando Bloom at SDCC 2019

Veronica Mars

Season 4 is available now on Hulu. Surprise!

Mr Robot

The final season will premiere this fall.



Huh, that’s unexpected. New series.


Army of the Dead

New Zack Snyder series by Netflix, starring Dave Bautista.

Army of the Dead First Look - SDCC 2019

The Expanse

I’ve never actually got hooked but S4 trailer was released.



Fans are surely aware that 15th season will be the last. Finally, I must say. The show was running on sentiment for some time now and however emotional and sad it can get, I think it’s high time to end this.

The panel was basically saying goodbye and summing up the journey and the legacy. It was nonetheless a great show. I still love the first five seasons and some further eps. They had style and they had the balls to do literally everything.


There shall be a Luke Perry tribute episode. He died in March this year after a stroke. He was also star known from Beverly Hills 90210. Shannen Doherty, his co-star of Beverly Hills, will also appear.

It seems the fourth season will be some sort of a ‘restart’. No idea what that means since all the threads will be followed. Nonetheless, Riverdale went from a guilty pleasure to an unwatchable gag so any fresh start would be good.

Also, there will be another musical ep next season.


I saved it for last on purpose. What Feige did was simply mindblowing. To be honest, I did not expect we’ll be having any MCU film next year, and if so it’d be late 2020. But SDCC announcements confirmed three films next year and a lot more to come.

Agents of SHIELD – next season is going to be the final one.

Captain Marvel and Black Panther sequels in development.

Mahershala Ali will play Blade. He was the one that called Faige and told him that he wants this job after he won the Oscar for Green Book. I am so excited! This also means that Marvel/Netflix shows are completely crossed out from MCU and if Defenders ever return the actors probably won’t be the same.

Mahershala Ali at Marvel panel - SDCC 2019

Black Widow villain will be Taskmaster! I wonder who plays him! The story will take place after CA: Civil War and will contain the story of Budapest (so I guess we can expect Hawkeye?). Oh, and David Harbour will play some Russian called Alexi from Nat’s past. It seems to be referring to Red Guardian. May 2020!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (May 2021) will be “the first scary MCU movie” and will include Scarlett Witch. The villain will be Nightmare. WandaVision series will be directly tied (Disney+ Spring 2021).

Simu Liu got cast as Chang-Chi last Tuesday. The film is titled Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. There will be the real Mandarin. 12th February 2021

Thor: Love and Thunder will have Jane Foster as Thor! OMG, THIS IS INSANE. And yes, Natalie Portman is on board! Hemsworth and Thompson will reprise their roles. Valkyrie is going to look for a new queen so expect some LGBT. It will be based on “The Mighty Thor” comic by Jason Aaron. Of course, Taika Waititi is directing. November 2021

Natalie Portman and Taika Waititi at Marvel panel - SDCC 2019

Hawkeye series on Disney+ will be about Kate Bishop and Clint Barton teaching her. Fall 2021

What If – animated feature with voices of the actors from the MCU! So I guess Robert Downey Jr is going to happen? And Jeffrey Wright is going to voice The Watcher. Summer 2021

Loki – the series with Tom Hiddleston will storm Disney+ in Spring 2021. I’m expecting a huge increase in subscriptions. It will follow 2012 Loki that disappears in Endgame

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will feature Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) in his iconic mask! And yes, Falcon gets the Cap shield and costume. Fall 2020

Eternals starring Angelina Jolie as Thena, Richard Madden as IkarisKumail NanjianiSelma Hayek! Richard’s character will be gay (oh yeah, Rocketman vibes). 6th November 2020

X-Men and Fantastic Four are in development but “there wasn’t enough time to talk about them”. Probably in Phase 5.

And Endgame officially beat Avatar in the box office.


Film list Phase 4 Marvel panel - SDCC 2019

Film list Phase 4 Marvel panel - SDCC 2019

Funko Pop!

I usually don’t do Pop! news (I feel like everyone knows it already) but then since all of it is news post then here we go.

New announcements from SDCC:

Funko Pop announcements Mark Hamill Funko Pop announcements Marvel Funko Pop announcements Us Funko Pop announcements Get Out Funko Pop announcements Gladiator Funko Pop announcements Umbrella Academy

Batman Beyond disc box release - SDCC 2019

OK, this is it. I hope it came in handy!

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