10 films that used rock music in their trailers in 2017

It was pretty cool at the beginning, but it’s getting more and more ridiculous. I believe this trend started somewhere in 2016. Sure, there were some such as these all the time, but now it became a standard. We get either trailers with old school rock or… Imagine Dragons.
I don’t think I am completely against it, I’m a bit concerned that everyone does exactly the same thing and it gets boring. What I am against are mostly the covers of the songs more than the songs themselves. And things that don’t fit at all.

Let’s start with MCU and their classic: Guardians of the Galaxy. With the first part – it was great and awesome and, what’s important, fresh. With the second – no one expected anything else. And here we have the one and only Ooga Chaka trailer all over again.

Blue Sweede – Hooked On A Feeling

But Marvel Studios went a step further. The new Thor directed by Taika Waititi, got the badass Immigrant Song theme. Well, I have to admit, it is BADASS. But was it really necessary?

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

The Mummy is my own pain in the arse. I was the kiddo who loved the culture of ancient Egypt and by the time of the “old” Mummies, I was deeply in love with them. And now they try to create this new “Dark Universe” with Tom Cruise as the protagonist and I am and will always be not okay with it. And I think I will never be okay with Paint It Black in this trailer, too. It doesn’t fit. It just doesn’t.

Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

This one is just badly made overall. I believe they wanted to use the song so badly, they tried to rearrange everything just to make it work… And it doesn’t. I especially admire the faster/slower moments just to fit the guitar rythm. PS. That’s sarcastic.

Led Zeppelin – Baby, I’m Gonna Leave You

Here we have the one and only Suicide Squad! I knew it’d be crap from the very beginning. Well, they shouldn’t get Leto and Delevigne there. Anyway… When I saw this trailer I only tried to understand why they used such epic music to it. It’s done pretty well, I must admit. The last part is fine, the first one, however, is not. Also, Freddie’s voice? I think I’d rather this Panic! At the Disco version here (and yes, this crappy one).


Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Well, well, that is somewhat a good trailer. And Personal Jesus suits it nicely. FThe filmis not out yet, so no actual comments on that, but this trailer got me hyped instantly. And I believe it is the reason trailers are actually made for, right? So no bad comments on this one!

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

But face it, it isn’t the only trend here. We have another one – putting Imagine Dragon’s music EVERYWHERE. At first, it was pretty cool, but they got famous in 2012/13. They were on the Iron Man 3 OST and I guess Radioactive was pretty much under every stone.
Today they’re about to release their 3rd album and I could easily find enough songs from all the films and trailers which would make another one.

Wonder Woman is one of the worst trailers in this section (musically speaking). It’s a mix of everything and it’s weird. The trailer was done pretty well and it fits the music, but whoever did the repetition of the same piece over and over should lose their job. The start is pretty nice though. The ending wants to be bigger and bigger and they try to hard to make the viewer feel stunned. Well, it didn’t work on me, on the contrary rather. You?


Imagine Dragons – Warriors

A perfect example of Dragons’ music done just for the film purposes. Some catchy tune and JenLaw. What can go wrong, right?


Imagine Dragons – Levitate

This one has been released just a few days ago. However cheesy the trailer looks I pretty much liked it. And I definitely will check it out in the cinema. Watching the trailer was a very nice experience to me… Until the Believer stroke. I don’t know who thought it would fit into the very much classic remake. God help us.


Imagine Dragons – Believer

These are just examples, I would gladly add others if you have something in mind. Collection from last and this year only.

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