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A Star Is Born: The Hype Is Gone

At the ninth American Film Festival, I treated A Star Is Born as a detox. It wasn’t focused on a problem entirely and the budget was definitely higher than in most of the productions at the festival. A breeze of freshness among films which put the heavy weight on your arms. It was this “normal” cinema at the independent film festival but still giving a feeling of importance.  Continue reading →

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Bullet Journal Method: Live and thrive

Influencers divide into two groups: ones that already changed the world and ones that are about to. This second group does not have to change the world’s thinking or invent a groundbreaking technology, they only have to share their idea with the rest of the world. One of such people is Ryder Carroll who designed the system called bullet journaling. You may have heard about it briefly or maybe you noted it in a category of another planner some artsy girls are using and moved on. Or maybe you’re here because you know the idea.

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The Ugliest Funko Pop! Vol 1: Imaginary friends

You may know that Funko had their ups and downs throughout their most popular line production. Their figurines weren’t always amazing or cute. It was a time when most of the figurines looked quite the same which wasn’t much fitting for most of them. Continue reading →

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Climax: Hell of a party

Gaspar Noé was one of this big names in the film industry I had no knowledge about. I knew he did something and people loved him and I was just nodding and smiling not to admit I have no clue what they were talking about.  So ever since I’ve discovered that he was releasing a new picture I decided to go. Having no clue what it was about, I had to go. And it was a strange world I entered.

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