Bohemian Rhapsody by Bryan Singer starring Rami Malek

Bohemian Rhapsody: Under Pressure

Am I late for that party? Then so be it. I shall join it nonetheless. Simply because there are so many things on my mind and none of them wants to leave me alone. A week ago the whole crew of Bohemian Rhapsody received a Golden Globe for best drama and Rami Malek for portraying Freddy Mercury in the biopic. I’ve been disagreeing with Globes nominations ever since they appeared, but they did make me question all the awards yet again.

Because Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t a good film. Definitely not one to remember Queen or Freddy by. The main reason being… it already bases on our knowledge.

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ugliest funko pop banner

The Ugliest Funko Pop! Vol 2: Turn off the silver screen

A month passed by very quickly. It’s high time to continue what was left off. After a very welcomed part one, it is high time to produce another bunch of Funko Pop! ugliness. So without further delay – let’s go! (If you haven’t seen part 1, everything written there applies to the whole series, so please check!) Continue reading →

Golden Globe

8 Things That Golden Globes Nominations Did Wrong

Award season has started big time. In the last couple of days, all the media screamed and shouted because of the things we had acknowledged. Yes, I am including Kevin Hart as Oscar host drama. But most importantly, the nominations for 2019 Golden Globes were announced. And it was more surprising than last year’s Oscar best picture, no doubt. Globes gave a very cold shoulder to most of the films that deserved one and surprised with welcome where it wasn’t expected. Here are 10 mistakes I believe this year’s nomination happened to make. Continue reading →

a star is born bradley cooper lady gada

A Star Is Born: The Hype Is Gone

At the ninth American Film Festival, I treated A Star Is Born as a detox. It wasn’t focused on a problem entirely and the budget was definitely higher than in most of the productions at the festival. A breeze of freshness among films which put the heavy weight on your arms. It was this “normal” cinema at the independent film festival but still giving a feeling of importance.  Continue reading →

bullet journal bujo ryder carroll leuchtturm1917 leuchturrm notebook

Bullet Journal Method: Live and thrive

Influencers divide into two groups: ones that already changed the world and ones that are about to. This second group does not have to change the world’s thinking or invent a groundbreaking technology, they only have to share their idea with the rest of the world. One of such people is Ryder Carroll who designed the system called bullet journaling. You may have heard about it briefly or maybe you noted it in a category of another planner some artsy girls are using and moved on. Or maybe you’re here because you know the idea.

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