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The Ugliest Funko Pop! Vol 1: Imaginary friends

You may know that Funko had their ups and downs throughout their most popular line production. Their figurines weren’t always amazing or cute. It was a time when most of the figurines looked quite the same which wasn’t much fitting for most of them. Continue reading →

gaspar noe climax

Climax: Hell of a party

Gaspar Noé was one of this big names in the film industry I had no knowledge about. I knew he did something and people loved him and I was just nodding and smiling not to admit I have no clue what they were talking about.  So ever since I’ve discovered that he was releasing a new picture I decided to go. Having no clue what it was about, I had to go. And it was a strange world I entered.

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Venom 2018 tom hardy

Venom: My Little Symbiote

Venom was supposed to be Sony’s big comeback to the superhero productions. In-between all the fights between Disney, Warner Bros, Century Fox and whatever else, they wanted their cut in that phenomenon. So they paid for some Oscar-nominated names and a guy who directed Zombieland (and not much else). And what happened? Well, nothing actually interesting. Continue reading →

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Christopher Robin: The Pooh returns

There’s nothing more nostalgic than Winnie the Pooh. In my childhood, at least. I used to read the Milne’s stories over and over. I loved Disney adaptations and there was a time when everything was about Eeyore. Being an only child with not so many friends, these stories gave me a feeling of belonging. Christopher Robin was almost as alone as I used to be but he could find happiness in his imagination. You can’t take away a child’s imagination. No point in trying to force it. Continue reading →