Venom 2018 tom hardy

Venom: My Little Symbiote

Venom was supposed to be Sony’s big comeback to the superhero productions. In-between all the fights between Disney, Warner Bros, Century Fox and whatever else, they wanted their cut in that phenomenon. So they paid for some Oscar-nominated names and a guy who directed Zombieland (and not much else). And what happened? Well, nothing actually interesting. Continue reading →

ewan mcgregor christopher robin winnie the pooh hundred mile wood 2018

Christopher Robin: The Pooh returns

There’s nothing more nostalgic than Winnie the Pooh. In my childhood, at least. I used to read the Milne’s stories over and over. I loved Disney adaptations and there was a time when everything was about Eeyore. Being an only child with not so many friends, these stories gave me a feeling of belonging. Christopher Robin was almost as alone as I used to be but he could find happiness in his imagination. You can’t take away a child’s imagination. No point in trying to force it. Continue reading →

Funko Pop Deadpool Spider-man tacos

Funko Pop! Beginners Guide

Recent boom for the Funko’s huge-headed figurines is shockingly huge. For a Pop collector who is aware of them for more than three years, mind me. My friend asked me a couple of days ago how to start collecting and what all that means. I wanted to write a post about it a long while ago but I kept postponing it. I believe it is getting out of hand and that post is in order as soon as possible.

For Polish version click here.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018

Ant-man and the Wasp: Size issues

We live in a period when superheroes sort of took over the action genre. But then we don’t live in the world that everybody wants that out of the cinema. Marvel Studios is trying to satisfy both groups: the devoted fans and the popcorn-eaters, coming just to enjoy their Sunday afternoon. Ant-man is obviously for the latter but it still has what we all love in MCU: the characters, the easter eggs, the continuum and connections between all this. It is a solid action-packed film and I am so very glad it did not end up as a romantic comedy which allegedly it had been supposed to. Continue reading →

Mads Mikkelsen Arctic 2018

Arctic: Being Human

This was the first film I went to see at the New Horizons festival 2018. Although New Horizons is one of the most incredible film events in Wrocław, I joined for the very first time. And I can only say: finally!

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