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10 Great Shows (You Might Have Missed)

In this time of need, I guess we all need some recommendations. Especially since Netflix is pretty lousy in its. Let’s say it – they only suggest their shows and there’s A LOT of content that is worth watching and completely lost in the void. So I want to give you a list of shows that I enjoyed and I did watch on the platform. I can’t guarantee they’re still available in every country but it’s definitely a start and since a few of them are more or less “Netflix originals” you should find a few ideas. Continue reading →

Harlech castle, North Wales

Snowdonia: Sheep, Dragons and Hills

Spending holidays is a very good subject to know a person by. This can actually tell you more about their behaviour than meeting them in their day-to-day routine. When people are off the hook, they tend to behave differently. It’s neither bad or good, they simply let their more secretive side off the leash. It ranges from simply amplifying their normal behaviour, getting even lazier to feeling a fresh breeze on what was locked down for a longer while. Continue reading →