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Shazam!: Double Standards

What makes a superhero? Is it a special power? Ability to fly? Or super strength? What is the highest value that the superhero should possess? Don’t fret, Shazam! will answer that for you. Another Captain Marvel has just hit the big screen and it is foreseen that he shall be champion. But it’s just an old dude gibberish.

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Netflix Polar starring Mads Mikkelsen

Polar: Ode to Mads Mikkelsen

If you know me even a little, you should be aware of my love for Mads Mikkelsen. The accusations of blurred opinions because of my ‘crush’ were common enough to make me simply stop elaborating on that subject. And now it seems that Mads is being a target of a lot of unpleasantries because of Polar. This made me think back of my story with this adorkable Dane and how I actually started seeing him differently. Continue reading →

Black Panther Oscar By BossLogic Inc

Oscar Nominations: 99 Problems But Racism Ain’t One

In the eighteenth century, the biggest problem America was facing was racism. And some other but this was one of the biggest. There were slaves and there were native Americans and so on. Nowadays, the political correctness and anti-racism movements are still being of the highest importance in the States. It is so ridiculously important, it started to piss off people who aren’t racist at all. You gotta agree with me here. Watching a film from the 80s or 90s, hearing all the swearing and the n-words in the TV at noon – this isn’t films today. Culture went so far in this fight, it began to be exasperating. Continue reading →