Oscar Predictions 2019: Fuss About Nothing

Are you ready for tomorrow? The biggest celebration of cinema is right around the corner! The Academy Awards are upon us and it’s getting so exciting!

Who am I trying to deceive? Oscars are already getting too far into everything they shouldn’t be. It’s not about politics, racism or even #MeToo movement. It’s how people in the Academy treat the award and how ridiculous it becomes with every single announcement.

Take the last drama about not showing some awards on stream. It went from zero to a thousand in seconds. The waves of disagreement flooded the Internet and there was not a single voice standing for it. I’m not really “for” this decision, but there was a lot that clickbait titles didn’t tell. Guillermo del Toro decided to make it clear to his followers on Twitter.

Guillermo deel Toro tweets


Guillermo deel Toro tweets

He also said that he doesn’t agree that two of the most important crafts in filmmaking are excluded and this was the most popular thing about the situation. Another director who made a loud statement was Alfonso Cuaron. He as well said that we shall not exclude such important categories from the gala. Following this and many other voices of filmmakers as much as cinephiles and journalists, Academy gave in with the idea. And good.

Alfonso Cuaron tweets

There was a theory spreading that it is all Disney’s idea. These four categories (including make-up and live short) did not have a nominee produced by them. And since ABC belongs to Disney then it was an easy opportunity to exclude what won’t produce the prestige and money to the Mickey Mouse. Whether it was anyhow true we shall never know. But with such problems how can we simply focus on the culture and not on the world’s injustice.

Recently there was this anonymous voting and this brought even more concern to this bowl. In short, they do not vote with their high sensitivity to art but with a complicated agenda. It is not actually anything surprising, but then hearing a confirmation makes it way more real.

I’ve already shared my thoughts about the nominated films this year but then I was trying to find a balance between reason and art. But this – this simply shows plotting and greed and not exactly awarding a worthy nominee. Okay, it doesn’t need to be THAT dramatic, but I love being dramatic. Some of the declarations stated that they voted for who they wanted to get a statue overall, not necessarily for that film. Or they simply liked someone more. That sounds way better, right? But then let’s ask the main question – what was actually nominated? Giving the award to Gary Oldman last year was the right thing to do, but frankly, it was Daniel Day-Lewis performance that actually took my heart. Such dramas were always happening, but the worst of these is that people in the Academy do not watch films before voting.

So now – the hell is a point of comparing things that we don’t even know? Basing on what? Others’ opinions? Or maybe simply reading a few reviews? I guess Oscars are too big to do that. I wish there were obligatory screenings of the nominated films and every Academy member have to check them all off the list to be permitted to vote. I consider being in the Academy not only a privilege but also a huge duty. Such duty that the whole world turns its eyes on the gala and in later years it is the only award that makes people actually choose what to watch. The film business is too big right now to take it so lightly.

Hellen Mirren with the Oscars, Academy Awards 2018


But back to the main event of the article, let’s talk winners. Referring to the words above, it is never so obvious. And it’s not only because we all can have different opinions. This year’s Oscars have a huge impact on racism and diversity. The main problem of 2018 films was just that. What’s more important, it compared the history to the present and it did not look good. There are still too many problems regarding skin colour ad the worst of them was stated by the US President who is so determined to build that stupid wall. And in particular, because of that wall, Roma is the hope of the awards.

Let’s face the truth, as a film, Roma can be described as boring. The pace of the film and its lengthy frames make it very peaceful and calming. Even the problems it is facing are shown in this soothing and comfortable way that you simply flow with them instead of embracing difficult emotions. The dealings of Cleo and the family are pretty simple to the normal life and Cuaron hadn’t reinvented the wheel with his story but yet he’d made it very personal and touching. It is a piece of art focusing on the way it is told instead of the dramatic outcome. Should you watch it? It isn’t typical and a lot of people find it pointless but yet I enjoyed the idea, the experiment and exposure of the emotions. Out of all the nominated films, it is the most deserving film to win the main award however my favourite lays someplace else.

Green Book is a simple story. Out of such a story, the best films are born. It belongs to the “stop racism” team but it does not rub it in your eyes. It shows acceptance and fitting to the world as it is instead of trying to fight with the helpless cases. It shows the dignity in a person and self-worth where others can see none. Viggo and Mahershala worked on incredible teamwork and beautiful relationship. Both of them deserve the statue. Still, what took me the most was the simplicity of the screenplay. Frankly, if the racism shall be somehow noted in the gala, I’d like it to be Green Book. It has no anger for it. It doesn’t try to fight whatever the cost. The others however tried.

Bohemian Rhapsody

A Star Is Born

Black Panther

Oscars 2019 Predictions

Foreign Language

This is a little bit of my love to Pawlikowski for being himself. Go, Cold War, no matter what!

Wants: Cold War

Wins: Roma


I feel like Wes Anderson’s beautiful tale is extremely underrated. It was such a great story with dogs and feels and done on point. WIth the music of Desplat with just enough of Japanese influence. Why does nobody love it?!

Wants: Isle of Dogs

Wins: Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse

Visual Effects

Okay, so let’s see. This one is a strong category this year. All of the films are worth the award but then I love RPA for having so incredible visuals. It was almost completely set in the world of CGI and the amount of work put in it is extraordinary. If I was to choose something else, I’d go with Christopher Robin. You can say whatever you want about the film (I shall love it anyway), but the way Pooh and others moved and fit the real world was on point. I guess First Man is also my wishful thinking but then Chazelle’s team outdid themselves creating the Moon and the equipment to fly there.

Wants: Ready Player One

Wins: First Man

Sound Editing

Here it’s all clear, isn’t there? The sounds in the spaceships and stuff were marvellous and I could feel that 60s technology being not so perfect. I was really uncomfortable with every creak and very excited about the sounds of the engine. This film was actually made with sound.

And then there’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Sorry, Freddie.

Wants: First Man

Wins: Bohemian Rhapsody

Sound Mixing

Same shit basically. But I must agree that the scenes in the studio were amazing and Boh Rhap is completely justified.

Wants: First Man

Wins: Bohemian Rhapsody


Obvious things shall stay obvious. Actually none of the songs this year was so very good but here I am being country all the way.

Wants: The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs (When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings)

Wins: A Star Is Born (Shallow)


Team Desplat. Hopefully, I am wrong.

Wants: Isle of Dogs

Wins: Black Panther

Make-up and Hairstyling

Mary Queen of Scots was the biggest disappointment of them all. But then they made Margot Robbie look like ugly Pennywise. There’s art in it. Obviously, Vice is a huge part of Bale being done so well I can’t even.

Wants: Mary Queen of Scots

Wins: Vice

Costume Design

The woman behind Black Panther’s costumes is already the Oscar nominee.  And as I listened to her explanations it is understandable. Do you need more proofs?

Wants: The Favourite

Wins: Black Panther

Production Design

I would be very surprised with a different outcome. Glad, but surprised.

Wants: First Man

Wins: Black Panther

Academy Awards actors winners 2018


I’m not sure here, because the editing is a tricky business. But I can picture Klansman as a winner and I would completely understand it.

Wants: The Favourite

Wins: BlacKkKlansman


This would be so amazing if Polish Cold War won here but there’s only one possible winner here.

Wants: Cold War

Wins: Roma

Adapted Screenplay

Too obvious.

Wants: BlacKkKlansman

Wins: A Star Is Born

Original Screenplay

I don’t know. Green Book’s screenplay was the most important thing in this film to me. I hope to be right but I am also picturing Roma here since it has a very personal touch.

Wants: Green Book

Wins: Roma


Little birds on the Internet says that this battle is between Spike Lee and Alfonso Cuaron. But then the nominees are the most glorious ever. Being completely in love with Pawlikowski as a director, my vote goes to him. But except them, there’s also Yorgos Lanthimos whose work on The Favourite is glorious and Adam McKey with Vice. They are all amazing. I’m confused.

Wants: Paweł Pawlikowski

Wins: Alfonso Cuaron

Actress in Supporting Role

I like the idea of Rachel getting it. But then I was actually thinking of all the nominated actresses and I think the lady of the house in Roma was an incredible act of dealing with divorce and motherhood. There are some weaknesses and strengths in her and she does try to deal with her breaking heart and understand every child.

Update: I really really hope for Regina King won’t win. If Beale Street Could Talk was a nothing movie. And her role didn’t get any bigger moments (in my opinion).

Wants: Marina de Tavira

Wins: Rachel Weisz

Actor in Supporting Role

Similar situation. For me Sam was the best point in A Star Is Born and this is my main reason for him to win. I loved his performance because he put more heart and sense in the story. And then Mahershala is being Mahershala.

Wants: Sam Elliot

Wins: Mahershala Ali

Actress in Leading Role

Justice for Olivia! I do hope she wins nonetheless but I guess there was some diversity between critics and in the end it was Glenn Close who should score. I blame myself for not seeing Wife so I can’t tell. I only hope they won’t give it to Lady Gaga. I like her but she played basically herself in A Star Is Born. There’s not much of acting there.

Wants: Olivia Colman

Wins: Glenn Close

Actor in Leading Role

This one is tricky. After the premiere of Green Book, there were a lot of voices that Viggo should get the Oscar. I agree, he deserved it very much. But this is a strong category here and I think there’re only two big fighters. So here I am loving Malek so much but hoping he will not get this one. Not yet, Rami. Bale was better in every damn aspect here.

Wants: Christian Bale

Wins: Rami Malek

Best Picture

And finally, we’re here. I let myself choose two. Frankly, after last year’s surprise, I really don’t know how it will go. If the surprise repeats, we shall get a mediocre biopic as the best picture. And that would actually be sad. At the moment I’m giving the award to Roma. Fingers crossed!

Wants: Roma, Green Book

Wins: Bohemian Rhapsody, Roma

Guillermo del Toro with his Oscars, Academy Awards 2018

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