10 Must Watch 2017

2017 is rushing to its end, the award season has already started and it is high time to decide ourselves for the highlights of the year. These are not the best films of the year; more like most important ones. Ones that might change something in the film industry and give us something fresh and surprising.

Logan 2017 Wolverine Hugh Jackman X-men

1)  Logan

After two more or less crappy Wolverine stories, the trilogy came to its end in a very spectacular way. They got a green light to be the second after Deadpool with R category and they did use it magnificently. The story isn’t as obvious as Deadpool’s and the film gives an amazing impression. From me – the best superhero film this year and maybe even all time.
Wonder Woman 2017 DCEU DC

2) Wonder Woman

Not very fond of this one but it is the very first one with a female protagonist. And it’s the only good one by DCEU, yet. Honestly, it had too much crappy CGI and terrible plot which apparently everyone fails to notice because they have FEMALE PROTAGONIST. Friendly reminder that Captain America: The First Avenger got a very similar setting and story, but whatever makes you sleep better. Anyway, this is the beginning of new era and maybe finally we’ll have more women sticking around.

3) Blade Runner 2049

Denis Villeneuve created something fresh and nostalgic at the same time. But it’s no surprise given his masterpiece Arrival from last year. He has a very bright future and it seems he has just started showing his talent. New Blade Runner is quiet and slow but expands the story without crushing the blessed original. I believe a lot of fans are not very fond of this, but in my opinion, it was a great way to show new generations the beauty of the original Blade Runner and its philosophy that may become not only sci-fi eventually. Also: damn, these visuals.
Blade Runner 2049

4) Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-man Homecoming poster MCU 2017 Marvel

If you’re sick of seeing another Spider-Man, I feel you very much. But this time, I hope it’s the last reboot for a while. Finally in MCU, finally a teenager and giving the fresh story without another death of uncle Ben.

5) Get Out

Storywise it wasn’t anything shocking, however, it did change the perception. In the reign of the racist US president, there’s a huge message behind this film. And it’s a nice comedy/horror for a Sunday afternoon.


Baby Driver 2017 poster Ansel Elgort

6) Baby Driver

The soundtrack here is a masterpiece. This film was made for its music. Classic heist film with a great performance of Ansel Elgort. This guy has the potential, I hope he’ll invest in it. And the role of the dishonoured Kevin Spacey (still loving the guy’s acting, bring it on). Much recommended.


7) It

I do not watch horrors. Period. Old ones are creepy and new ones are lame. Or maybe they’re not, I wouldn’t know. But in the case of King’s adaptations, I shall always make an exception. Especially when Pennywise is so brilliant. I love that there are no actual jump scares. If you haven’t seen it yet – what are you waiting for?!


8) Star Wars: The Last JediStar Wars The Last Jedi poster 2017

This is a must watch for one big reason: a major change in Star Wars franchise. Disney wants to create the “new” galaxy far far away for both old and younger audience. But pleasuring everyone is never a good story. So die-hard fans are pissed about this and for me as a mediocre fan – I can’t help that I enjoyed it! So yeah, it’s a great Star Wars in my opinion. Not without its mistakes, its boredom and pointless characters, but it is a good film.


9) Okja

Do NOT watch it if you can’t handle some drastic scenes. I’m serious. Even though everything was predictable… My heart was shattered after this one. It is a beautiful story, showing the might-be future for all of us. It should be seen for the sake of new generations and awareness of the situation of the world. Very moving and touching story given by Netflix. Plus great performances by Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal, supported by incredible Seo-hyun Ahn.


10) Loving Vincent

A story about Vincent but not exactly his story. Created with hands of over 100 artists, mostly from Poland, to imitate Van Gogh’s style, the film is more of art than plot. I am proud of CeTa for this one and it is very close to my heart. With only a little knowledge about the artist, you get a beautiful picture about his life and his surroundings; understanding the faces behind his paintings. I hope it gets some awards because it sure earned it.

Loving Vincent 2017 poster Van Gogh

Honorary Place: Killing of a Sacred Deer

This one… Made a huge impression on me and I can’t forget about it. A new film by Greek director is a play of emotions and tension. I don’t really know what to say not to spoil it. Just know it’s a film that left me speechless and it will stay with me for a long time.


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