Kamera Akcja 2020: Before

I’ve been aware of Kamera Akcja Film Festival for a while now but I’ve never attended it. Mainly because of my complete lack of organization. I’ve never had a problem with traveling or balancing films and my work but… I always had an excuse. This year however it’s different.

I hope the 11th edition will be the first of many Kamera Akcja’s in my life. Because of the pandemic, the organizers enabled online passes and I don’t need to be in Łódź to experience it – at least partially. I’ll host it in my very own home. It’s kind of fun because I can experience a piece of it and it’ll be easier to decide if I want to go next year. Of course, I wish I could’ve attended the offline one this year, too, but with recent regulations, it’s even more complicated. I can only hold my fingers crossed.

Kamera Akcja is going to be a huge test for me. I tend to go to the cinema to get rid of all the distractions at home and this time I’ll have to fight them with every single screening. It’s going to be a journey. I’m definitely going to miss a big screen and darkness. But I have a plan to make this experience as close to “normal” as possible.

What’s interesting about Kamera Akcja is that at the time of films there’re also plenty of events about cinema, not entirely connected to screened films. This year, the number of films, events, and guests is very limited yet there’re some that I’d like to attend. Mainly, I’m intrigued by the ones concerning film critique which I’m trying to apply here.

I happened to attend an event organized by more or less the same people a few weeks ago and it was an eye-opening experience. It wasn’t shocking or anyhow changing my life, yet it allowed me to remind myself about some basics of writing. I find myself thinking about these rules now. That’s why I’m looking forward to the events I signed to at the festival itself. After all, there aren’t many ways of learning film reviewing from experts, especially for someone like me (you know, technical education). But this is a long story for another time.

Dark Waters at Kamera Akcja Mark Ruffalo
Dark Waters dir. Todd Haynes

Film Selection

The film selection is quite hard to review. It saddened me that my most desired positions are not available online. I do understand that decision – it may be caused by film distribution or to drawn audiences to the actual cinema. But this doesn’t change the fact I don’t like being just online. If you are lucky enough to be in Szpulka Cinema at the time, I can wholeheartedly recommend Babyteeth and Mattias and Maxime. These are long after their premieres and I guess most of the attenders already saw them. Either way, worth watching.

From the online selection, I plan to watch 9 films that spoke to me the most. The rest are more or less optional but I’ll watch as many as possible – as usual. After all, film festivals are exhausting. I strongly believe staying at home won’t make much difference.

My films are mostly classics or retrospectives. I hope to see pictures that will patch my holes in cinema history and ones that aren’t too probable to see at other film festivals. After these, I’ll be checking some documentaries and the films from the Critic Premieres section. Hopefully, it’ll cover a few new titles that will make my jaw drop.

Serio Pro banner

This year also starts a series festival that accompanies the film one. I’m not entirely a fan of these simply because they tend to run at the very same time and I have to choose from even more tempting options. And since these are mostly discussions or case studies and I decided to ignore the existence of it and focus entirely on films. Don’t judge me, I already want a time changer.

I am very grateful that there’s an opportunity for any film festivals to exist in current reality and that I can attend it one way or another. This weekend will definitely be a new experience and my guts tell me a good one. If my connection is stable and the platform buffers correctly, there’s nothing to be worried about.

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