Infinity War challenge: Phase 1

Long time ago, when Marvel started their film universe, no one expected it to grow so huge. And now, after so many years, we’re finally heading to the event hinted through all this time – battle with Thanos. The Infinity War.

Due to the event, in the “Marvel side of the Internet” there was an idea to watch all the previous films in weeks before Avengers: Infinity War premiere. It was exactly the right amount of weeks since the beginning of the year. So I kicked my ass and started the challenge too. And it’s been a very interesting experience so far. Watching the films after all these years made me see them in a completely different light and let me remember details that I’ve forgotten.

So now, let’s check out the first “phase” in the Infinity War challenge!

Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man PosterThey started big. Iron Man was a great success for the studio and is still considered one of the best superhero films. After ten years it still feels fresh. The first installment about Tony Stark has the same impact and is just as believable as it had been. Iron Man still has one of the best character developments ever. Some people speculate that his story is going to end in Infinity War. He indeed was growing throughout so many films and I do wonder what are the plans for Stark or his legacy afterwards.

This film gave a very strong outline of the character and very logical plot – which is not a norm in blockbusters. As a start of Marvel Cinematic Universe, he does a great job, but also raises the expectations for the next ones in MCU. And those are not so bright at the beginning.

Robert Downey Junior, as you know, is a perfect Stark. There is no point in expanding on that. He is the first of these actors that Marvel “had grown in their garden” and now he does what he always should.

Apart from him though, there is Obadiah Stane who is just the guy who uses people smarter than himself. Jeff Bridges gave that impression perfectly and it made me hate the guy even more than I remembered. He wasn’t a forgotten villain as many others later, so he has some personality and logical behaviour. Then, there is Terrence Howard as Rhodey and I hope he wishes he didn’t decline his role now. Don Cheadle is amazing, but as an army guy, Terrence was very convincing phisically (however, I do wonder if he would fit in War Machine suit).

What else you can say? It is definitely something worth watching again, even for the enterntainment. There is literally nothing missing in here.

Iron Man


Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk Poster 2008I feel plenty of compassion about this film. It saddens me that a lot of fans haven’t watched it at all, or aren’t aware that it belongs to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, before Civil War, there was actually no connection nonetheless. I haven’t watched it in ages and I admit – I forgot a great part of it. But I haven’t forgotten Edward Norton. He was only picked for the role because he was more popular than Ruffalo back then. And being Edward’s fan for a long while, I still dig his Banner. He was the right kind of scientist and in my eyes, he was not a reason why this film was somewhat a disaster. The main reason for it was simply a script. And maybe not enough money put in the visual effects (or anything else, really). After Iron Man, Hulk seems like kind of tryouts and there’s no actual point in blaming Universal or screenwriters or anyone else. I assume they kind of wanted diversity so they did Hulk more smashing less science.

The greatest point was actually the villain – Tim Roth showed a great soldier made to destroy. Blonsky had a thing in himself, at least until he turned into the beast. Abomination was, well, an abomination.

Betty Ross and Bruce Banner The Incredible Hulk

Apart from him though, there was little put inside actual characters. Betty was described as a strong and badass woman, but unfortunately, not much else. Her father was just a stereotypical soldier-dad, who thinks he knows what’s best for his daughter and wants to listen to nobody.

But overall, I enjoyed it. The origins shown in the title credits was a good idea, especially for a character like Hulk. What was bad about it was the generalisations and it being the simplest superhero story on the planet.

Ruffalo is better Hulk anyway. He is different than Ed’s, but definitely better (and less likeable, lol). Nothing is actually left from this movie. Not even some development of  Bruce Banner. But there’s still hope for another Hulk film in the future, and I do believe we will get this chance. Anything possible after Infinity War ;).



Iron Man 2 (2010)

Iron Man 2 Poster

Why, Jon Favreau, why? The sequel is not an origin, you know. It can’t have the same moves, because it won’t work. And sequel to Iron Man proves just that. Trying to do exactly the same thing to Stark to beat him. Check. Using the same technology. Check. Revenge and some dealings with the father. Check. No wonder Marvel decided to quit working with Jon.

But it was not an entire tragedy. Sam Rockwell is a national trasure, save him by all cost. Justin Hammer was an incredible character. He was my villain of the film. Sam does exactly what he enjoys doing and that is why he was so believable. It doesn’t apply to Vanko though. Michael Rourke with that Russian accent is giving a bit pathethic performance and he has only one face. And he wunts his burd. 

Nonetheless, there is a character that makes this film better: Black Widow. Don’t tell me I’m wrong! Scarlett Johanson is too damn good. We can finally expect a solo film with her. In Iron Man there’s not much she could do but kick ass, however – she did that with grace.

Actually, this film was nothing, but trying to make Tony join the “Secret Boysband” and all the action around it was more or less irrelevant. Have a Scarlett and forget about it.

Black Widow Iron Man 2


Thor (2011)

Thor posterDear gods, this film lacks so much logic, it hurts. It is the weakest one from this bunch in that matter. Even though it is not the forgotten one, for me Hulk was better. Firstly because there is no major reason why Thor actually changed. Was it because of this small talk with Jane? Or maybe he understood his actions after Loki told him Odin’s dead? None of this seemed real nor accurate. No major trauma or drastic experience here.

The plot looks shattered and something is always missing. And I couldn’t actually find any compassion for Thor. Chris Hemsworth wasn’t actually the reason for it. He plays perfectly, but the description of the character just wasn’t good. Loki was WAY more believable. Or anyone else, to be honest, even Jane. I guess Thor had a to do list and nothing else really mattered. This origin was simply empty. Just a way to get Thor to his right state of mind.

The film looks exaclty like Sir Ken Branagh’s one. All these cuts and strange shots gave the right impression. Technically it was a masterpiece, maybe except that coffee that magically un-spilled itself. The CGI is excellent, I’m still impressed by how good it was back then. Asgard is definitely a place I wish I could visit.

Oh, and don’t forget Son of Coul. Apart from Hulk, agent Coulson was in every single film, but he had his bigger role in Thor. Clark showed a little more of the character and what S.H.I.E.L.D. actually does. Remembering it was way before Agents of SHIELD started, it was a good thing to discover it. And that they’re not always the good guys in every possible way.

PS. Darcy! <3

Thor 2011

Thanks for reading and see you in phase 2 next month!

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