Incredibles 2: Too little too late?

I do need to watch it in original sound. But to be honest, what difference will it make?

After 14 years, Disney decided to make the sequel to their Oscar-winning superhero animation (it was that or Shrek 2 so there was barely a choice). I have to say that Incredibles never stole my heart, even when I was a kid. It was a fun film, I even had a VHS (I am old, I know). Nonetheless, I barely remember it and it didn’t give me the excitement plenty of people are expressing now. It wasn’t my superhero debut nor I fell with any character or the story. Sure, there is Frozone but who does not love Frozone.

Incredibles 2 Edna Mode Poster

The Edna sass was missing. They should give her a separate film, please. Frozone, too.

And with this more or less bitter taste, let’s return to the sequel. I watched it because I had no strength to see anything more complex that day. Just for fun. So don’t tell me I had any expectations at all. Leaving the cinema, I was content, not excited nor pissed, I was “okay”. It basically does not say anything good about the film. Recent fashion of reboots and sequels of everything that 90’s kids loved slowly drives me crazy. And here we are again. It might be the problem I had with that. Disney probably wanted to make money from reselling the goods to the new generation. I wouldn’t be surprised.
About the film itself, it catches when the previous one left off and to be honest I’m not sure if it was a good idea. Because as a viewer I could feel the difference. Not sure if it was because I am more mature or because I saw it ages ago or there was indeed some difference in character writing. No damn idea. But I felt like all of them are older although they allegedly haven’t aged a day. The main focus however continued. The lawsuit against superheroes is still on and the whole family got blamed for all the disastrous crap that happened because of Underminer. And the story goes, of course, someone wants supers to return. Who would have thought, eh?
The idea of the plot wasn’t so bad, but the whole plot twist was so obvious. It was Pixar, after all, and their films aren’t usually crappy. And Incredibles 2 wasn’t crappy, too. It was just a content type which may be exciting that 14 years ago but is not anymore. I loved that they kept the original design ideas. I loved that Edna hasn’t changed (but had barely one scene, sadly). There was no magic I usually feel while watching such films. It was lost somewhere in that 14 years and Brad Bird couldn’t have found it.

What I enjoyed the most was the whole daddy story. It was a classic thing, no surprises or anything, but it stole me. And the racoon, too. Jack-Jack was supposed to be the new hit and I believe my problems with him was simply because of the hype. But come on, a baby with like 10 powers. No wonder they wanted to extend that idea. Furthermore, I really appreciate all of the “new” superpowers. It was smart and to be honest I didn’t expect they would go that far with these. Oh, and there’s also Screenslaver. This name is neat. I don’t mean the guy, I mean the name itself. ScreensLaver. Amazing.

About Frozone… To be honest I hoped to get more of him this time. Although I haven’t heard Incredibles in English, I could imagine all the Samuel L. Jackson magic. But well, worth a shot. And btw, I wanted to see his wife!

Ending, it’s too late to tell you all to go or not. But if you don’t have any necessity to do so, I think you can easily pass.

Incredibles 2 Jack Jack Cookie

Cookies are the key. This is the proof.

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  1. This is a good review, Lisa! I haven’t seen the sequel (though I have seen the first Incredibles film) and I do agree with you that this film was made almost 15 years too late. Even the marketing for Incredibles 2 felt like material from the first movie was being recycled, allowing little to no creativity to be incorporated. To me, the sequel’s logo looks like a left-over logo from the first movie had a line drawn in Sharpie marker over the letter i.

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