History of the Swear Words

I suppose the whole budget went to hire Nick Cage as a host and although it was a brilliant decision, there wasn’t much left. Each episode discussed one quite popular swear word in roughly 25 minutes. Which felt more or less not enough especially since half of that time was used for opinions of semi-popular people. And however I agree we need insight from comedians – they have plenty of knowledge about how we react to these, these didn’t give much to go on and/or actually have fun. Apart from these segments, we got three or four experts in language and social behaviour that explained the “science” behind a certain word, but due to lack of time – superficially.

My favourite parts were ones about historical behaviour regarding these words, especially in public media. So there was a very slight explanation of Hayes Codex and rating in cinema, which I consider interesting enough to give the whole episode for (but then, I know plenty about it and I like the subject).

Yet, for the sole comedy purpose, it had some glorious points. I’d say it’s a nice watch for a Sunday afternoon, simple and brief. Sadly, for non-English speaking people, it can be hard to understand in a different context. Every language has an obvious way of speaking for everyday users but not necessarily if you speak it sporadically. It also bases on some historical events and changes. The classic language stuff.

Overall, Nick is amazing and the visuals are really cool. This production was supposed to be easy and gather some audience so I guess: mission accomplished.

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