Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2: Can you save the galaxy twice?

After hearing plenty of opinions I want to state that: I loved the new Guardians. Hell yeah, I did. In my point of view, James Gunn’s second attempt in Marvel Cinematic Universe did wonders. You can almost smell the freedom the director received from the studio and it does marvels (hah) to your cinematic experience (hah hah).

If you’re planning to see some epic space battle with a shocking and mind-blowing plot, calm down. You can’t get a plot much different than what was already created in action films, especially in the sci-fi ones. BUT if you truly love such movies and you did love the last Guardians of the Galaxy, you will have great amounts of fun. The plot is quite simple – some baddies, fun music, humour, saving the galaxy and all that. You knew that already from the trailers. If you expected Guardians Vol.2 to have more meaning or story than that, I really recommend you to lay your expectations low and just go and have fun. Because this is what such films should do.
In short: I had a very good time in the cinema. Bond with the characters tied up even stronger and I felt every emotion they did. Humour? Well, it was so much of it. Maybe too much sometimes but it did feel right at the time. Gunn already showed us he can play with his jokes and the ones we saw were expanded to the new instalment. Maybe if you don’t like such kind of humour it could be tiring. I had my fun.
Not sure what I’d been expecting, really. I didn’t want to guess what might have happened or whatever. They did some sort of a family drama but considering continuation of the plot, it was sort of expected. All of the daddy issues they had suggested in the first one and the small hints that had been revealing one by one through the production process, made me curious how exactly they want to do such things. I am literally surprised that it really worked out so well. Really, respect.
Music from Guardians is not fun to listen to before watching the film. I had done that and was quite disappointed by what I’d heard. It wasn’t at all as climatic as Vol. 1, which more or less had broken my heart. I tried to forget about this experience and it was a good call. However, in the film, it all fit perfectly. Whoever was picking it, did a good job for sure. Listening it before seeing the film, loses its vibe. So if you loved the last soundtrack, you’ll surely like this one. Just do me a favour and don’t compare it to your first experience.
Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord
But what really got me on this spaceship was the characters. Especially the development of them. I was really happy to see so much of Sean Gunn’s Kraglin. In the first film, he was barely a pawn, only there because his brother was the director. In this one – possibly for the same reason – his role expanded and I must say it was nice to see him there.
Also, Michael Rooker expanded his Alien Hawkeye and it was the best thing that was in this film, even though he had huge competition. Loved all the history connecting him in new mysteries and him being something more than just a badass captain of thieves. His Yondu showed so much more while being the same. Remembering him from The Walking Dead, I truly admire his acting. I hope his career in geek-world has only just begun.
To be honest it was Karen Gillan more than Nebula to be appreciated from my point of view. The girl doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves. In here she got a few really good pieces of acting and she gave Nebula emotions that could be seen from under her makeup and forever angry face.
And there was Drax. To be honest, he plays a comic relief in this one. After being more or less plot device, here he is a… climate keeper? I am not saying he wasn’t a good comedian, but it is all. I am not really sure what to think about it. Batista definitely loves that job and if he really wants to climb in Hollywood the way The Rock did, it is his biggest chance yet. I hope he won’t be defined by him, though. After all, he tried to be side-baddie in the last Bond and I don’t think it ended up so well…
And here’s to the new ones! For me Baby Groot (he’s new after all) was good but didn’t… steal my heart? Almost all of his “best parts” were shown in the trailers and I was a bit disappointed. Sure, he has his charm and all that but he wasn’t the brightest highlight. The same goes to Rocket, really, but he had way more to do than Drax. Mantis on the other hand, is pure love. She gives so much delicacy into this brutal galaxy and all the scenes with her look brighter than they actually are. 

 Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Groot 

I would love to say something about Kurt Russel’s Ego, but I might easy go into the spoilery ground. In a few words: he’s well thought character and he is an important one. And Kurt’s acting just makes it even better.
What’s impressive is the CGI and creativity. It’s really well done and kind of gives more to the MCU’s galaxy. It had to be a challenge to make it all click. 
It’s some sort of a family film and fun one. Literally, this is a film made for fun. With so many scenes only to serve this purpose. I don’t believe it will make much difference to the whole cinematic universe. As a comic book fan, I freaked out from so many things most people wouldn’t understand. There are literally countless Easter Eggs and cameos in this one. It might be Gunn made this for Marvel fans (including himself, I presume). Also a lot of things reffering to the 80s. And when I’m saying a lot it’s not just one Footloose that happend in the first. It’s a lot. 
And remember, stick in the cinema till the very end. They have pretty cool credits and FIVE after credits scenes!

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