Golden Globes will finally face justice?

I’ve already expressed my concerns about The Globes but for those who missed it:

The group of 87 people calling themselves Hollywood Foreign Press Association is responsible for awarding Globes to films and creators every year a short while before the Oscars. For someone who is randomly curious about what is the best film, these are just “normal” awards. And quite popular ones, too. But for long years now, a lot of people who are aware of the problems try to depreciate the value of the award.

The main problem is the lack of diversity in the group including the lack of black people in it completely. For that sake, the former president called Black Lives Matters a hate movement. They are completely not up for any sort of a change on any field which basically ends up being a toxic environment.

Scarlet Johansson and Mark Ruffalo addressed these rumours recently that the association doesn’t want to change their quite conservative rules and not allowing new more diverse members. Scarlet also spoke about sexist comments at their conferences and events. Also, Netflix decided to stop working with them unless the changes are made.

This followed the biggest slap right from NBC which is responsible for the Globes streaming. They cancelled the 2022 event but are still up for 2023 edition if changes shall take place.

Giving the fact how low the ratings of such galas were this year (spoiler: very low, Oscars too) and Globes were an awkward one, this may even change the organization’s attitude towards some changes. Hopefully the right one, not just adjusting to the given situation and moving on the way they used to.

Currently, the most dramatic move in this protest goes to Tom Cruise who apparently returned his Globes. Still makes me kinda giggle but it’s good for press, dramatic AF and stuff. I’m going to need plenty of popcorn if that continues. I’m truly hoping they will change. Or at least more people will see why these are pointless awards and they’ll just… disappear.


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