Giveaway Time!

Hi guys!

A few nice things are happening these days:

  • over 100 followers on Facebook
  • almost 100 on Instagram
  • in May my baby blog will be a year old

So I decided to celebrate and make a GIVEAWAY! I took some cool stuff from my geek vault and I’m giving them to three lucky winners.

What’s to get?

  • One Punisher Funko Pop! from Marvel Daredevil Season 2
  • One pair of Deadpool Bunny Slippers (L)
  • One Rick and Morty T-shirt (L)

There will be one winner chosen on Facebook. One winner will be chosen on Instagram. And one priority winner will be chosen here.

Facebook rules:

Instagram rules:

Priority winner! rules:

  • Be a part of one (or both) of the above methods
  • Comment on this post with an answer to a question: “Agent of which superhero would you like to be and why?”
  • Post your Instagram or Facebook name in the comment (I can remove it while moderation if you mark it)
  • Comment has to be in English

Priority winner will get a chance to choose the prize him/herself. The rest will be sent at random. Also, she/he will receive additional surprise item.

I can’t make sure that after the giveaway you unlike me and stuff. But I have tools to check it and such people will be excluded from any future giveaways or contests etc.

No giveaway accounts and stuff like that, be fair. If you’re underage, ask your parent whether you can share your personal details. If you were picked twice, you won’t receive two prizes. Another person will be picked. I’ll use a random numbers generator to select the winners on FB and Insta. The priority winner will be chosen by me. The cleverness and logic of the comment will be graded highly. Be creative!

If you’ve got questions use any method listed HERE.

Deadline is on the 31st of March. The results will be published by Friday, 6th of April, hopefully. Unless I won’t manage due to too many applications ;).


8 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

  1. Laszlo Marothy says:

    I would want to he Phil Could in because he survived anything and his built in shield is dope!

    Well done on the 100 followers!
    – Funkobricks

  2. JK says:

    I would love to be agent for Luke Cage, because everybody thinks he is a ultra giga niG** but i could show them that he is in fact, a chocolate warrior.


  3. Electricgremlin says:

    I want to be agent for the flash because he’s crazy fast and would be able to help so many people

  4. Kristin Caplinger says:

    I would love to be Magik’s agent because she is not only powerful, sexy, strong, and trained by Doctor Strange to be the Sorceress Supreme but she needs more PR! She doesn’t even have a Funko Pop!! This girl is so awesome she needs more screen time and more attention because she definitely deserves it!! Also, I would love to work for Mockingbird as well because she is a super spy as well as a feminist icon and she doesn’t have a pop EITHER!!! What is happening in the world today??? Both these women could and have beat the crap outta any other superhero out there and yet they don’t get the recognition they deserve! I definitely need to be their agent.

    – kcaps5150

  5. Krzysiek Płociński says:

    Well if I could choose my client it would be Ant-Man or Wasp (doesn’t matter which one). It would be easy to sell their services on many fields thanks to the shrinking abilities. I could easily find a job for them as spies, tech specialists (they could assemble or even construct some really small devices) or after receiving proper medical training in precision surgery. Having the perspective of a bug can be really helpfull when looking for a job.

    Krzysiek Płociński

  6. Fabrizio says:

    My instagram name is @justmyfunkos and my Facebook name is Fabrizio Guaraldo.

    I would like to be an agent to Tony Stark ’cause the guy is rich, cool and knows how to party!! It would be so much fun.

  7. Nigty120 says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I think I would like to be an agent of Captain America. He’s a great men and after all he survived frozen under the sea. I admire his patriotism, strength and persistence. I think that we’ll make a nice team. I would teach him about new technology and he would tell me about his youth and life during wartime. Of course we’ll kick some ass.
    Oh, I talk like Agent Coulson. Maybe I’m a little bit like a Coulson. Wait… Did anybody see my Captain America Card Collection?


  8. Jim Hayes says:

    my Instagram name is bigjimbo316. I would like to be a agent for iron man.

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