Giveaway Time!: Winners

Hello hello and happy Easter!

After two weeks the winners of my little giveaway shall be revealed, are you ready?

I am very glad that so many people attended my small giveaway. It was so much fun for me to note all the people who wanted to check out my sites and join me in this. And even more to read all the comments. Thank you very much. I hope we’ll do it again soon!

But let’s get to the chase.

Facebook Winner

Nemedy Szyndler!

Instagram Winner


Priority Winner

After a long debate with myself, the winner is Krzysiek Płociński! for the incredible description how to use Pym Particles for the better good.

Well if I could choose my client it would be Ant-Man or Wasp (doesn’t matter which one). It would be easy to sell their services on many fields thanks to the shrinking abilities. I could easily find a job for them as spies, tech specialists (they could assemble or even construct some really small devices) or after receiving proper medical training in precision surgery. Having the perspective of a bug can be really helpfull when looking for a job.

Also a mention and huge applause for kcaps5150 and nighty120 for great descriptions of their choices. Loved both, it was a very hard choice!

Congratulations to all of you! Please send me your details to

And, of course, Krzysiek, please note what award you’d like to receive! 🙂

Another giveaway or contest shall be set pretty soon so stay tuned! Thank you once again!

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