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If you entered this page it means that you need some help with sticker business on Funko Pops. What do they mean? Why are there so many? What’s the difference between Pops if the sticker is different? Worry no more, I’m here to help you out!

Read Funko Pop! Beginners guide for Funko Pop basic knowledge

Let’s start with the easiest one – a normal Funko Pop. This is called a common and it doesn’t have any sticker. It simply means that it was released on the market equally (more or less) and is available in every shop that orders them. The price is around 10 Euro, depending on the shop.

There are commons that are no longer produced, going under vaulted. That means they cannot be bought at the shops anymore (unless the shop had them in stock before their production was cancelled). These can become expensive, depending on the demand.

Info: If the box has more stickers than the one I write about – I probably covered it later in the post



First and foremost, some Pops have something that I call, a type. It’s a special way the Pop is made. Usually, it applies to the character or the situation the character is captured.

Glitter & Diamond

These ones are covered in glitter. It can be the whole Pop or only parts of them. As it usually happens with glitter, it leaves on your fingers no matter what so be careful with touching these.

Stickers can vary, the older ones are simply Glitter on them but recently I haven’t seen Pops labelled with these. Now it seems it is Diamond collection all the way, even though it used to be only on Disney Pops.

Elton John Funko Pop Glitter edition
Deadpool Funko Pop Diamond collection

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark (GitD, GITD) Funko Pop is nothing else but a Pop that glows in the dark. If you expose them to light for long enough you can get a nice glow at night. Usually, only parts of the Pop glow, although sometimes it’s the whole sculpt.

Venomized Storm Funko Pop Glow in the Dark


Flocked Pop is covered in soft material. Note: I wouldn’t recommend displaying them out of the box because dusting them out is a nightmare.

According to Wikipedia:

Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface. It can also refer to the texture produced by the process, or to any material used primarily for its flocked surface. Flocking of an article can be performed for the purpose of increasing its value in terms of the tactile sensation, aesthetics, color and appearance.

Iceman Funko Pop Flocked


It’s as obvious as it can – it smells like something. There aren’t many Pops available with that sticker but there’re a few. There’s even one that smells so bad it has to be kept in the box no matter what. This Stitch smells like pineapple (according to sources) and there’s another scented Stitch with strawberry ice-cream. You can guess his scent yourself ;).

Stitch with Pineapple Funko Pop Scented


The usual question with Funko Pop is what a chase is. Well, it is a normal Pop with a twist. Meaning it is the same character with an attribute or done a bit differently. The chases are usually for commons, but it is not the rule, exclusives have them, too.

Number Five Funko Pop Common
Number Five Funko Pop Chase

The main difference is in rarity. If a Pop has a chase, there’s one chase per box. The usual box contains 6 figures. That equals 5 commons and one chase.

The chance of these is 1/6. In the beginning, the idea was it was supposed to be randomly sold and it was supposed to be a lucky gain. Well, it obviously didn’t work in its entirety. Some shops still offer them, mainly big ones still do that (in theory) and for instance, if you order 6 the same Pops on Popcultcha, you get the whole unpacked box, chase included. Big physical stores that display Pops on shelves still put them in the same place, too.

But many smaller shops, especially ones that sell mostly Pops offer a little higher price for a chase. The rules differ, Forbidden Planet displays them behind the counter and you can buy it for a higher price if you ask for them. Online shops offer them according to their own rule – the usual is twice the price of a normal Funko Pop – or the rule of the market – if this chase is highly demanded, it costs more.

Different Chase Stickers

The yellow sticker is a normal one for chases. But when a chase has an additional sticker, it can get a different sticker informing that the chase is of a type. It goes two ways:

  1. Chase gets a type that normal one doesn’t have
  2. Both of them are of type but the chase has something different

An example of number one

A common Pop and its Glow in the Dark Chase.

Yzma Funko Pop Common
Yzma Funko Pop Chase Glow in the Dark

And an example of number two

Flocked Funko Pop and its also flocked Chase but with different colours and mouth.

Porg Funko Pop Exclusive Flocked with Chase

The Porg here is also exclusive. As you can see it is also a possibility that an exclusive has a chase. We’ll get to that in a moment.


This is the main deal with stickers. Most of them exist because Funnko wants to highlight something. Exclusive Pops are always limited but the quantity differs with each figurine. There are a few types of exclusives depending on where it appears.

All the possible exclusives (and basically all Pops as they go) you can find HERE in Exclusive filter and clicking “Show all”. I will list here only a few of the most popular ones.


Event exclusives are assigned to a certain event. It is often a convention in the USA but can be also an event related to a franchise and so on.

Every event sticker changes through the years slightly. Usually with colours, but sometimes it gets a complete makeover.

Emerald City Comic-Con (ECCC)

Also known as Spring Exclusives.

Maui Funko Pop ECCC 2018 Exclusive
Grishnakh Funko Pop ECCC 2019 Exclusive
Vegeta Funko Pop ECCC 2020 Exclusive

New York Comic-Con

Also known as Fall Exclusives.

Supergirl Funko Pop NYCC 2018 Exclusive

San Diego Comic-Con

Also known as Summer Exclusives.

The Doctor Funko Pop SDCC 2018 Exclusive

Wonder Con

A new one, the first time in 2020, organized by San Diego crew. Sadly didn’t happen due to global pandemic but its Funko Pops were sold online.

The Doctor Funko Pop Wondercon 2020 Exclusive

Shared Exclusive

After announcing the event exclusives, Funko releases the list of shops that will have these Pops as well. They are exactly the same as the ones on the event but have a different sticker. Be aware that some Pops are only available on the event. They are usually very limited in number.

In 2020 instead of onsite they were released in Funko Shop instead due to pandemic.

Vegeta Funko Pop ECCC Shared Exclusive
Beric Funko Pop NYCC Shared Exclusive
Trooper Funko Pop SDCC Shared Exclusive

Star Wars Celebration

Watto Funko Pop Star Wars Celebration Exclusive



Cayde-6 Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive

Barnes and Noble

Ron Wesley Funko Pop Barnes N Noble Exclusive


Bat-mite Funko Pop BoxLunch Exclusive

Earth Day

These are sold as a special day celebration. But they can be bought straight in the shops. They are released each year on Earth Day (22nd of April) and are in a way related to Earth. I do love the idea of it and I think it is worth mentioning. So far only Disney characters got this sticker.

Wall-e Funko Pop Earth Day Exclusive

Entertainment Earth

Dark Phoenix Funko Pop Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Fugitive Toys

The Flash Funko Pop Fugitive Toys Exclusive



Iron Man Funko Pop Fye Exclusive
Lucius Malfoy Funko Pop Fye Exclusive (old sticker)

Funko Shop

Bat Boy Funko Pop Funko Shop Exclusive


Morty Funko Pop Gamestop Exclusive
Ramsay Bolton Funko Pop Gamestop Exclusive (old sticker)

Hot Topic

Gandalf Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive
The Doctor Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive (old sticker)

Toy Tokyo

Brak Funko Pop Toy Tokyo Exclusive

Toys R Us

Hector Funko Pop Toys R Us Exclusive


Beta Ray Bill Funko Pop Walgreens Exclusive


Pennywise Funko Pop Walmart Exclusive

Pop in a Box

British retailer with their own Funko exclusives and sticker.

EMP Shop

European retailer with their own Funko sticker but not exclusives. Usually, Hot Topic figurines get EMP Exc sticker in Europe. There’s also EMP Pre-release sticker, it’s presented below.

Gandalf Funko Pop Emp Exclusive

Underground Toys

This is a sticker no longer in use, but it was quite popular back in the day and now a lot of people search for Pops with it. Underground Toys was something like EMP is now, a European shop with geek items.

Asterix Funko Pop Underground Toys Exclusive


Popcultcha is Australian giant of geeky stuff. A lot of interesting things. And possibility to get some nice exclusives abroad, it is widely used to order from Europe with more or less good priced delivery. Customs and taxes vary in each country.

The one below is the only one (as of now) Popcultcha exclusive. Other ones with that sticker are usually Pops available on other markets with a different sticker, usually very rare ones, for instance Funko Shop exclusives.

Bushfire Heroes Funko Pop Popcultcha Exclusive

Specialty Series

According to Funko site:

You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic book shops and from qualified online retailers. This is your chance to help support local businesses and smaller retailers, and you’ll pick up an amazing exclusive item in the process!

Batgirl Funko Pop Specialty Series Exclusive

PX Previews

In the USA it is sold to small shops, usually comic book stores. They’re related to comic book characters, too.

Iron Man Funko Pop PX Previews Exclusive

Mystery Boxes

These are collaborations with franchises. Apart from Pop, there’re also other trinkets inside like keyrings and pins.

Star Wars: Smugglers Bounty

Count Dooku Funko Pop Smugglers Bounty Exclusive

Marvel: Collector Corps

Some early Marvel CC Pops were available outside of the box and had this nightmare of a sticker. Here it seems to be small but it was huge and ugly (Morbius for reference).

Star-Lord Funko Pop Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
Morbius Funko Pop Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive (old sticker)

Disney Treasures

Smee Funko Pop Disney Treasure Exclusive

Shop boxes

Gamestop or Hot Topic had mystery boxes with stickers of a shop. Nevertheless, Hot Topic names its Disney box also as Disney Treasure.

Scar Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

Stickers Problems

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to stickers not related to anything. One of these is this silver Exclusive sticker which is Europe’s sticker for every shop exclusive Funko Pop in the USA. Recently they upgraded it to Special Edition. The only difference between these Pops is the stickers. According to some collectors, the US stickered Pops are worth more. Personally, I despise this, since the figurine is literally the same. Same goes to an event and shared exclusives (with event worth more).

James Bond Funko Pop Exclusive
Eleven Funko Pop Emp Pre-Release Exclusive (with Special Edition sticker)

No Sticker Exclusive

In Australia distribution, many exclusive Funko Pops don’t have a sticker at all. It can get confusing, but they aren’t different to any stickered ones. It is only the matter of distribution.

Queen of Hearts Funko Pop Exclusive (no sticker)
Queen of Hearts Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive (with sticker)

First to market

There’re some figures with “first to market” information (EMP Pre-release etc.). Most often it is the first wave of the Pop and after a while, it will be offered in other shops. Nevertheless, sometimes they differ. The only example I am aware of is The 13th Doctor that was supposed to be pre-released on SDCC and later normally in the shops. Sadly, the later common version didn’t have the trenchcoat.

Other Stickers

Now Funko seems to have stickers somewhat sorted out but it wasn’t always the case. That’s why we have a huge number of different stickers on Pops from earlier years, let’s say 2015. They were big and ugly and now they’re either non-existent or changed over the years.

Some stickers are for companies. It mostly happens on a game or sport Pops. They don’t specify the Pop as exclusive, it is rather a confirmation of authenticity or something like that.

John Cena Funko Pop


That’s it for now. If you have a question about stickers or Pops in general – let me know! I am aware some aren’t included here. Funko made a lot of them over the years.

All the images belong to Funko LLC, obviously

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  1. For pops with a chance of Chase, do you need to contact Popcultcha and tell them to send you a sealed box/case of 6 to guarantee that you get one? Or this is automatic when you order 6.

    • According to my friends who do that, Popcultcha sends you the whole box when you order six. But the only people who can make that 100% sure is Popculcha themselves.

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