20 Films to look forward to

Happiest New Year, you geeks! I hope your party went well and no one spent this night/morning working (except one of my teachers who actually put grades to the system at 5:30 AM).

I wish all of you calm nights alone to watch all the guilty pleasure shows, all the parties to watch blockbuster films and play games with friends and a lot of happiness from what is coming. But wait – what’s coming actually? Let me give you a short peek at our new 2018 (and may this one be better than the last one).

Marvel MCU Avengers Infinity War poster

1. Avengers Infinity War – May

The obvious choice, ain’t it. Should I say ANYTHING more? This will be huge, I don’t accept any other way.

Deadpool 2 poster Cable

2. Deadpool 2 – June

With Cable (being Thanos in MCU being Cable in MCU) and Domino and Negasonic and whoever else coming to kick ass with Wade this time, I cannot wait. I only pray (still) Fox and all the mess around the film did not crush him anyway.

Marvel Black Panther poster

3. Black Panther – February

This is coming quite soon and you’ve already seen all the beauty we will get. So just be a little more patient, Wakanda is coming.

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald poster

4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – November

It does feel like I am the only person who cannot wait for this instalment. And defo one of 1% of Potterheads who actually want to see Depp as Grindelwald. And one of 80% who can’t wait for Dumbledore’s sass in Jude Law’s skin.
Well, #IstandwithDepp, bring your hate with you, if you like, I shall love him till the end of days.

5. Venom – October

I know Sony is not a reliable source of films ever since new reboot but I believe Feige did give them the right impression of making films and it will not end after Spider-Man. I cannot help not loving Venom. And Hardy seems to be a great choice.


Ant-Man and the Wast poster

6. Ant-Man and the Wasp – August

Even with romance-comedy rumours, it is one of the most interesting blockbusters this year. Come on, even with all the drama with Edgar Wright (still sorry for both sides), the first part was a great success and was even better than anticipated. What can go wrong?! (Right…?!)



Ocean's Eight poster
7. Ocean’s 8 – June

I feel confident after the trailer that has been given a couple of days back. The cast is priceless and I am looking forward to this heist. Team badass gals!







Mary Queen of Scots poster Saoirse Ronan

8. Mary Queen of Scots – November?

While in Scotland this year, they did not let me seeing Blackness Castle due to shooting of this one. I assume not many actually heard of this film but it is still one of the important ones for me. Especially for David Tennant (as John Knox) and Margot Robbie (as Queen Elizabeth) supporting the rising star Saoirse Ronan as Mary. Fingers crossed!


Ready Player One poster




9. Ready Player One – March

Spielberg is not so successful recently, but this one might still be something. Trailer showed us a very simple story, but a hope that it surprises somehow still stands.



X-men New Mutants poster

10. New Mutants – April

It’s more I am actually afraid of the outcome than believing in its success, really. But I do want to see and judge the way they picture my favourite mutant (Illyana Rasputin if you’re curious). I also hope that after this Fox buyout, Disney may do an improvement. Afterall, giving a superhero horror is a fresh thing to do so it is quite interesting how they shall handle this challenge. (But I hate all those dumb teenage slashers with jump scares so not much expected here.)


Grinch poster Dr Seuss




11. The Grinch – November

I LOVE THE NEW GRINCH. He’s so uber cute. The Jim version is a classic, sure, but if you ask me, I dig the new one very much. It’s a different approach, directed more to children who aren’t really interested in quite creepy and dark films from the last century anymore. And LOOK AT THAT CUTIE.


12. Bohemian Rhapsody – December

This film has a lot issues for ages. I don’t know if I want to see it fail or not. Freddy did earn a proper bigraphy film and I do not want his name crushed for the future generations in ANY way. And after all, Rami Malek is a quite impressive choice after all these changes, but I am still not sure how will that go after all the drama with Singer. He is not a good director to me.

Bohemian Rhapidsody poster Rami Malik Freddy Mercury
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom poster

13. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – June

Chris Pratt and the classic dinosaurs stories. You know the drill.





Solo: A Star Wars Story poster



14. Solo: A Star Wars Story – May

A lot of buts in case of this one. But Lando as Donald Glover is still an awesome choice and I will go to the cinema just to see that. And Chewie. Everything else, with the cast of Han on the top, is nothing but a question mark with a depressing attitude. Ron Howard hasn’t proved me wrong for a very long while.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse poster




15. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – December

I dig it. The trailer gave an amazing intro and a great lot of discoveries that shall be made.

Also, remember this dude in Homecoming?


Donald Glover as Aaron Davis Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel MCU
Prowler Aaron Davies Mahershala Ali


So he’s called Aaron Davies and he’s Prowler (on the left) in Marvel Comics. And Mahershala Ali is voicing him in this one. You know, the dude that won an Oscar for supporting role? Please don’t tell me you don’t know him. He’s amazing. Go and learn, noobies, go and learn.



Incredibles 2 poster Disney



16. Incredibles 2 – July

I don’t know. Everyone is so crazy about it and I am only happy about Sam L. Jackson. Give me a shoutout and let me know.
Yes, I do own VHS with the first one.

Mary Poppins Returns Poster Yondu

17. Mary Poppins Returns – December

It is so far only because I have no history with Mary Poppins except one. However it is quite nicely advertised and it seems it shall be a good one.



Pacific Rim Uprising poster




18. Pacific Rim: Rebelia – March

The director is a producer of Marvel’s Daredevil. Finn Boyega is a rising star in a transformer, fighting Godzillas. What can go wrong, right?




19. The Girl in the Spider’s Web – October

I really like Claire Foy. Fingers crossed so Sony won’t screw it but it does seem to be a hard one. I don’t know if that Lisbeth will buy me as much as Rooney Mara did. Literally nothing is known so far. The only thing is: I do want to see it. Good or bad.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms poster


20. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – October

I don’t know. It seems a better one than anything below this point. Or maybe it was just me and not very warm feelings to Wrinkle in Time. And Keira Knightley in pink looks so damn cute!





Honourable Mentions

Aquaman – December

I know it was expected in the list and I won’t indulge you here. I don’t believe in DCEU. Not even Wonder Woman could change it. And I don’t believe Jason can. But we’ll see how that goes. Not any time soon anyway.

Aquaman Justice League DC poster

Wrinkle in Time poster disney

Wrinkle in Time – March

It feels like Tomorrowland. Omg, wow, noone remembers. End of story.




X-men: Dark Phoenix poster




Dark Phoenix – November

Not a fan of these photos. Even less a fan of the new X-men films. The guy behind this one has so many good and bad titles under his name, he seems like “I’m doing what Fox tells me” kind of guy.




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