Deadpool 2: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?

Deadpool was a revolutionary film in 2016. It brought to us a fresh breeze in a superhero genre and proved the producers that rated R sells. Despite all adversities, the crew kept going. They believed in the project and the fans so much and they had just a little more than that. It was a win right when it hit the cinemas. It wasn’t as big as Civil War or Batman v Superman (heh), but Deadpool owned the year 2016 just being… Well, Deadpool.

They scored big, the studio agreed to continue the franchise and everyone was happy. But then something bad started happening.

Probably we will never know why it happened or whether it was someone’s fault. All I know is: the team went to shit. Tim Miller left the project, Junkie XL was gone right after him. And this cute little team was broken.

Around the same time, they had a tragic accident on set. This takes something from the process, I believe. Especially since there’s plenty of responsibility on your shoulders. Or when you do something one of a kind.

There was literally nothing that could have made me believe it would not be a good film. Especially because I had not expected a good film. I’d expected a Deadpool film. Some sick comedy with my favourite antihero taking the front seat. The only thing that I had been afraid of? Making Domino and Cable wrong.

What I got is kind of hard to describe. I left the cinema disappointed. And frankly, not from the reasons I’d thought I would be.

wade wilson

Oh no! Now what?

Deadpool 2 is a repetition. It tries to shock us with exactly the same moves we loved in the first one. And they don’t even hide it. Not really. It felt like they imploded under their own liability. The jokes keep touching the same subjects, interludes are done in the same way, the fourth wall is being broken in quite the same way.

The first sequence is literally Deadpool one done “better” (in the money business). Some dramatic entrance, some fight, then some slow music and all the explanation. I hoped it was just the beginning, but sadly it was happening throughout the whole film.

It only felt more polished. They focused on making Deadpool technically better. The CGI is great, especially Cable. The action and fight scenes are first class, definitely, David Leitch (director) was behind it. What else? I loved how much they spent on the cameos and Easter eggs. It had to cost them plenty to make at least some of them. That was a great usage of cash.

However, there was also a bad usage. They hired more mutants. And I still do not understand the reason. Except for the big trio (Wade, Cable and Domino), all of them are completely underused. They have either a very small significance or they are literally 30 seconds on-screen. None of them has any character development, there’s literally nothing happening throughout the film.*

What should they spend it on? The script. It is so bloody generic. For me, it was lacking ideas or even action so they can pull out as many jokes as possible. And God bless jokes, really. They’re the high ground of the film and I am pretty sure Ryan was their creator. Everything felt so meta and, well, Deadpool-esque. But the story itself feels like a remake of the first film rather than expanding it. No characters were given any development or even a bit of a different act. Neither Colossus nor Negasonic. Tiny pieces of information slash backstory are not enough if you’re going somewhere. Francis? Who the shit is Francis? Like nothing happened. Only the jokes that were still applicable stayed. It felt like they just use Deadpool 2 to give us Cable and Domino and focus on them completely. The rest doesn’t matter.

But my worst disappointment is inconsistency. Second ‘Pool is made for comic book fans. You know how I know? Yeah, I got definitely more out of it than my boyfriend who hasn’t read the classics. I’ve read the jokes are more hermetic but I’m not bothered with it. What I am bothered with is being so ignorant of them at the same time. And there were so many possibilities to expand something rather than showing everything in microscopic amounts.

blind al, wade wilson

Chillin’, killin’

Okay, I’m done. Deadpool is laughs and giggles and under all the layers of my disappointment, I am still in love with the film. Why? Because they made it again. They gave me two damn hours of laughter, which is tough in my case. They brought Domino, who is my personal favourite. Zazie Beetz is amazing. Sure, Domino’s not the comic one, but her character is a strong one. Can’t wait for the X-Force film.

There’s no point in mentioning Josh Brolin, because he’s done yet another incredible job in Marvel adaptations. Even with not enough time for his development, Nathan is simply epic. No, he’s nothing like Thanos (which I feared the most). I can only hope for some Cable film or something. You know, so dark but yet not in DC Universe?

After everything, there’s one more thing I want to say. The best post-credits scene they could have made. Thank you, Deadpool. Hoping to see you around sometime.

nathan summers cable

Pew pew you’re dead

* For those who would argue, I don’t count Deadpool’s loss as a development, but rather a plot trigger. And I hate these being so damn obvious.





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