Harry Styles with sunflower Funko Pop Custom figurine on white surface, with box on side

Funko Pop Customs: Commissions

Currently I do not accept commissions outside of Poland

How it works?

The commissioning is really simple.

  1. If you make an inquiry, I offer free suggestions of which Pops I can use for your project and how much it’ll cost (approximately). We can discuss everything you wish to have on the Pop and we agree on which figures I need for your project.
  2. You pay first part in advance so I can order the Pops. The price equals the Pops I order.
  3. After the money is on my account, I create a project for you. I request pictures or ideas and apply everything. Then we discuss the project and eventually, you greenlight it.
  4. The Pop is being made. I send you updates from time to time how it’s going.
  5. When the Pop is done, I send you the pictures of finished work and ask for second payment & shipping.
  6. I ship you the Pop, securely packaged with the delivery of your choice.

What I offer

I try to make my customs as close to original as possible, therefore I don’t do fancy non-Funko eyes or too glossy finish.

For the base project I offer painting and a small piece of modelling if necessary. I use high quality tools and paints and secure the Pop with varnish.

I also make a box if requested, with additional cost.

Ideas differ. I am down for a challenge so ask if I’m willing to make yours!

Harry Styles with sunflower Funko Pop Custom figurine on white surface
My Harry Styles Funko Pop Custom


I request at least one month excluding shipping of Pops or elements. This can be extended depending on the time I have and other projects I already have. I will determine expected timing pre-paying but it can change depending on:

  • work on the project
  • unplanned events
  • shipping of elements (missing packages etc.)

If you have a date you need it for (such as birthday), I will try to help you but I can’t promise too much. It will depend on complexity of the project and my available time.


I suggest PayPal or Revolut for easier transfer. I will not however cover the cost of the transfer.

If you want to pay me the full price in advance, I’m fine with that but I can’t be sure it’s enough until the custom is ready.


I’m a single person, making custom Pops as a hobby. I don’t think I charge too much for my work. For some, the prices can look too expensive, but after counting the materials, it really isn’t. I will not negotiate below these. If you value my craftmanship, you should at least respect this.

The first payment is non-refundable and about 25€. That should cover any Pops I need for your project. It can obviously differ depending on the figures, so if you want a body of an exclusive, it will be more. And the same goes the other way but it’s rarely less than that. You can also send over Pops you own, but only when you already have them in possession.

The second payment is another 25€ or more depending on the work made.

  • The normal box (4″) is +10€
  • Major modelling is 10-20€ depending on materials
  • Additional elements that I prefer to order than model so it looks better – full price
  • Extended tools – if they’re quite cheap, I’m willing to cover, but if not, I’m charging 25%. This rarely happens. This is only for projects I specifically need something and I don’t think I’ll use it again. Obviously, I am not buying anything super expensive just to make your custom 😉

Delivery and shipping

I’m willing to ship anyhow you’d like but I will not cover this. I suggest DPD or DHL as a service but you have to check how much it’ll cost. It’s around 20€ for Europe from here (Poland).

I pack the Pop securely. If something happens throughout the journey, you should first make a complaint about the delivery service. I can offer a replacement of a box for example that I can send as a letter. It’s best discussed if anything actually happens. I can’t think of my custom destroyed of that. D:


Custom – a Pop figure I make

Design – an image of Pop you requested

Project – the whole process for a specific Custom Pop

  1. I will not create a custom that resembles one already on the market that may be later described as an original.
  2. I will not use fake Pops in my work. If you request a part off a valued Pop that you don’t want to pay for and suggest to buy a fake, I will decline the whole deal.
  3. I can decline a project that is not OK with my ethics or morals.
  4. If the custom you request is a character widely known, I can use the same design (or part of it) for the future projects or graphics.
  5. The design will be used for marketing purposes.
  6. The photos of the custom will be used for marketing purposes.
  7. If the custom is based on a private person, I will not release their photos nor a name unless allowed. I will call the custom a different name for security purposes. The name on the box will be covered, too.
  8. I will not be held responsible for using the likeness of a private person. The customer is responsible for sharing such data.
  9. The design can be corrected during the project but if the change requires re-making the custom, the customer will be charged for it. (Eg. You’d like to change hair colour after it was painted.)
  10. If an expensive Pop is ordered (above 25€ for one Pop) for the custom and is lost, I am responsible to find a replacement and deal with the shipping company and the selling party. If the money isn’t returned, the matter will be discussed and solved individually.
  11. The second payment will be requested for two weeks since the final custom reveal (unless agreed otherwise). If the customer does not cover it, I can sell the custom to another person or keep it for my own purposes. I will decline creating a new one if the customer requests it afterwards. The customer does not have a claim for a return.
  12. The customer gets the product and can share any file sent to them but does not claim the copyright.
  13. I will not share personal details of the customer unless allowed. That include name and address.*

Since I am not a person with extended knowledge in the law, any claims of misinterpretation or not specifying something, shall always be clarified by myself.

* The GDPR etc. is available on request