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My top 10 films in 2019

This year was a really hard choice. From over 20 pickups, I made a hard selection, where some titles were tossed out with a breaking heart. But then… This list couldn’t be any different. I only wish every year was so generous in quality pictures.

New Horizons 2019

New Horizons 2019: Cinema that moves you

In the era of blockbusters, reboots and recurring ideas, film festivals such as New Horizons is something fresh and liberating. You can stop looking at film business through the money race and breathe in pure creativity.

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Shazam!: Double Standards

What makes a superhero? Is it a special power? Ability to fly? Or super strength? What is the highest value that the superhero should possess? Don’t fret, Shazam! will answer that for you. Another Captain Marvel has just hit the big screen and it is foreseen that he shall be champion. But it’s just an…

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