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Kamera Akcja 2020: Before

I’ve been aware of Kamera Akcja Film Festival for a while now but I’ve never attended it. Mainly because of my complete lack of organization. I’ve never had a problem with traveling or balancing films and my work but… I always had an excuse. This year however it’s different.

Lazarus: Starman’s Waiting in the Sky

My visits to live performance institutions can be counted with one hand. Especially this year when I’m not attending any concerts due to coronavirus. That’s why my objectivity for such events doesn’t exist, but the appreciation of them is high. Especially when it comes to a project involving David Bowie.

New Horizons 2019: Cinema that moves you

In the era of blockbusters, reboots and recurring ideas, film festivals such as New Horizons is something fresh and liberating. You can stop looking at film business through the money race and breathe in pure creativity.

Warsaw Comic Con V: Point of No Return

What is the definition of an event? Like… any event? In my dictionary, it’s a gathering of people with something in common to spend time together. The event definitely should have a cause like a performance, a person of interest… Something unusual. It should be more or less organized: have time and place set, activities…

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