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Warsaw Comic Con V: Point of No Return

What is the definition of an event? Like… any event? In my dictionary, it’s a gathering of people with something in common to spend time together. The event definitely should have a cause like a performance, a person of interest… Something unusual. It should be more or less organized: have time and place set, activities…

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Funko Pop!: Od Zera do Kolekcjonera

Wiesz już, o co chodzi w Funko Popach i jak znaleźć figurkę, której pragniesz. Czujesz się bezpiecznie zamawiając z Australii, a Twoja kolekcja zajmuje więcej niż jedną półkę. Problem w tym, że Funko wciąż wydaje co piękniejsze okazy, a Twoje mieszkanie ma ograniczenia. Portfel zapewne też. Witamy na etapie, którego nie sposób ominąć, kiedy pochłonie…

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pyrkon 2019 poznan mtp

Pyrkon 2019: Never Too Old!

Hello, hello, I’m back from the biggest fantasy festival in my beloved country. It has always been an incredible experience. It’s a place full of magic and treasure with the most surprising character in every corner.

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Shazam!: Double Standards

What makes a superhero? Is it a special power? Ability to fly? Or super strength? What is the highest value that the superhero should possess? Don’t fret, Shazam! will answer that for you. Another Captain Marvel has just hit the big screen and it is foreseen that he shall be champion. But it’s just an…

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