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Funko Pop! Stickers Library

If you entered this page it means that you need some help with sticker business on Funko Pops. What do they mean? Why are there so many? What’s the difference between Pops if the sticker is different? Worry no more, I’m here to help you out!

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10 Choices When the World Gives You None

Coronavirus has created all the possible limitations to the outside world and made people go insane in their own four walls. You are banned from going anywhere for fun and even if you go, there’s a constant fear in the back of your head that you’ll get infected.

Banner: Top 10 Films in 2019

My top 10 films in 2019

This year was a really hard choice. From over 20 pickups, I made a hard selection, where some titles were tossed out with a breaking heart. But then… This list couldn’t be any different. I only wish every year was so generous in quality pictures.