Ant-man and the Wasp: Size issues

We live in a period when superheroes sort of took over the action genre. But then we don’t live in the world that everybody wants that out of the cinema. Marvel Studios is trying to satisfy both groups: the devoted fans and the popcorn-eaters, coming just to enjoy their Sunday afternoon. Ant-man is obviously for the latter but it still has what we all love in MCU: the characters, the easter eggs, the continuum and connections between all this. It is a solid action-packed film and I am so very glad it did not end up as a romantic comedy which allegedly it had been supposed to.

I have no definition of a sequel. The common saying is that it should be bigger in any possible way, but I don’t very much agree. I prefer having an extension in character development and broadening of the presented world. Here they definitely tried to reach the former. The action in Ant-man is growing every single minute. And the sequences were done incredibly well. They gave all the money into these, the stunts and the CGI. I am really glad they did. I was worried MCU’s quality got lower after that incredible fight next to the train in Black Panther.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018

What I missed most is the level of the humour. It had its moments but then I was missing Scott’s crew so much. It focused on the family/romance/action and there was so little time for Luis’s stories (which I’d been waiting for) or any other jokes. There was one particular scene with Paul Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer which I adore so much. It was basically Janet van Dyne explaining some quantum physics and it was EPIC.

About the science, though. They had the bar set pretty high after the first exploration of the quantum world and it had to be broadened. So they went even more into comic reality and I am not sure if it was better. I felt stupid because of the ‘science babbling’ and not-so-logical explanations why they have to do something or why one’s energy will be gathered from the certain object in the quantum dimension. Sure, it is so much harder to create some smart ideas when the real world has no clue about it either. I know the theories in Ant-man are lacking rules of science almost completely but I still believe they had to be somewhat logical. What I enjoyed the most was the explanation of the probability of a particle’s state. It was this one thing based on the real world.

It is obvious that it is easier to explain some tech stuff of Tony Stark or even more advanced tech stuff of Shuri. But then after making one step, you have to make another. I don’t believe it wasn’t clear for Marvel Studios while making the very first introduction of Pym Particles in MCU. I reckon what I was missing in the sequel was Edgar Wright. Although in the end, he did not direct the prequel, he still was responsible for plenty of the ideas. Here it lacked the fresh breeze on the shrinking garden. No one really paid attention to add some clever huge items all around or make such a badass fight sequence we had with Yellowjacket. Most of it was in the real world surroundings and running so fast, so no one would notice what was happening.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018 Paul Rudd Scott Lang

What they do well was deciding on no specific villain. Of course, there were sides and people acting on their beliefs, but instead of developing a new agenda, they focused on the action. In that kind of film, it is a good idea. They got some new sketchy characters who have some nice prospects in the future. The oldies, however, had not more than we had known from the prequel. Scott’s main focus was family and how not to screw up his life. Rudd was amazing in the role, but it did not expand the character at all. Same goes for Lily. Apart from Hope’s connection to her mom and being a smirky badass… Nothing more, really.

Ending, it was so much fun to see another story about Scott Lang with the extended role of Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym. Fun as much as it could, action, you won’t be able to grab some popcorn. It was from my point of view a better storyline than Black Panther but then none of these had anything special than a classic superhero story. But then, Ant-man was definitely made perfect technically. Great shots, stunts, graphics and whatever else. It was nice to look at and this is especially why I want you to encourage you to go. Don’t worry about the effect your brain cells may get, it is supposed to be like that while watching that. So basically have fun.

Ant Man and the Wasp 2018

Reality is cruel. No dashing hairstyle underneath that helmet 🙁

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