About me

pop yourself funko popHi. Name’s Lisa and I’m living a simple geek life. Knowledge service of Deadpool and MCU. Addicted to Sudoku. Books and comics are the daily basis, but most of the time I spend in front of the screen, anyway. Too much good stuff to see.

I am a mediocre collector of Funko Pop! At this moment my collection is a little over 100 pieces of different kinds, half of them are Marvel related. And I am a proud owner of all figures of 10th Doctor. For more, I recommend my Instagram.

In my grey life, I’m a front-end developer in a corporation. I enjoy web apps and design, databases and neural nets. Oh, and meanwhile I try to learn as much about filmmaking and related stuff as I possibly can.

I love travelling. I’ve been here and there, but my heart needs Scotland as much as my lungs need air.

At this moment stationing in Poland but I believe English is a language most of us speak and it should be used both for Polish nation and foreigners, not only in my country.

But why Hero Management you say? Go here.

For contact please use my social media account or mail me: heromngmnt@gmail.com