I find myself very Nick Fury. Not a fan of dealing with everything by myself, rather staying on a side and helping, organizing, and being the brain of the operation. Managing people and stuff. Or, you know, leading in some way.

Thinking about the name I wanted something I can relate to or I hold dear. So I took advantage of music close to my heart and transformed it a little. And here it is. Hero Management. I know it may sound not catchy but it’s something I enjoy and hold dear and that’s enough.

So. Lisa checks in! And this is what I want to write about. Heroes, in a wide sense of the word. In both reality and culture. Expect reviews of anything from shows and films to books and art. I love MCU as much as underground cinema and I have love for film history so even though mostly it will be pop culture, I tend to dive into other cinema-related subjects, too.

Oh, and I do like Funko Pops. I collect them since 2014 and I try to help others by writing articles. I feel like kind of an expert in the area so if you’re into them, check out the category! And I started playing around with customs! Check them out and if you’d like one, let me know!

So far my blog is completely non-profit. I’m using AdSense and I started the Amazon Affiliate program in 2020. But if it pays me back anything, it’s definitely less than I spend to keep it going. I am open to collaborations or partnerships so don’t hesitate to contact me by social media or via heromngmnt@gmail.com.

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